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Introducing The Cocoon Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillow

For comfort on the trail or in camp, the Cocoon® Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillows are the ultimate in lightweight, compressible pillows They’re ideal for camping or travel. For easy packing, they compress to a very small packing size. Premium hydrophobic down fill ensures that the pillow will retain its loft all night long, even in wet or humid conditions. The soft, micro-ripstop nylon cover feels great against your skin and is very breathable for added comfort. An included small stuff sack ensures you’ll have plenty of room in your backpack or carry-on.Stuff sack included for easy packing.
I have to admit that sleeping at night in the camp grounds can be very hard to do. However, what you need to realize a lot of companies have started to address this issue. This comes about with the different types of camping pillows that you can buy. I was actually quiet shocked at how many different pillows their are on the market and this can present a difficult challenge in finding the right camping pillow to use. To that end, you should know about the Cocoon Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillow.

Features Of The Cocoon Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillow

  • Premium hydrophobic down fill resists water, so pillow retains loft, even in wet or humid conditions.
  • Soft, micro-ripstop nylon cover for comfortable, next-to-skin feel.
  • Small: 10 x 13 in., 2.5 oz.
  • Medium: 11 x 15 in., 2.9 oz.
  • Large: 13 x 17 in., 4.4 oz.

Does The Cocoon Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillow Compress Down?

This is a very simple question to answer because the answer is going to be a resounding yes. This is a pillow that is reported to compress down and actually will fit down into the storage sack that it was sent in. So this will be a nice feature because it means that you can not only use the pillow, but get it small enough that it is going to fit down into the storage sack that it was sent to you in and that can be all that you need at times to have a good hike.

What Type Of Cover Is On The Cocoon Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillow

While it is not that obvious this is actually a pillow that is meant for camping and to that end it is going to be covered with the micro-ripstop nylon. This is a great feature because the nylon is definitely going to help you out in getting the comfortable sleep, but also in knowing the pillow will be resistant to most of the weather that you are going to face while camping, but also makes it easier for you to know the pillow will not rip on you very easily like some of the other pillows that you would use in your home.

Our Final Thoughts On The Cocoon Premium Hydrophobic Down Pillow

When you are going camping you will find the one thing that you tend to overlook is the pillow. This may not seem like it is much of an issue, until you go to sleep and find that your pillow that you brought with you from home is tearing up and ripping. Overall, this is a pillow that you can use time and time again while camping because the nylon helps to keep it waterproof. Great sleeping pillow if you want to have a nice rest and enjoy hiking the next day with your pillow stored in your backpack with you.

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