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Discover The Guide Gear 18×18 Teepee Style Tent

Guide Gear Teepee Tents are the “peak” of camping comfort! You SAVE BIG BUCKS! Ageless design meets contemporary convenience. Teepee-style Tents from Guide Gear may look old fashioned, but don’t be fooled! A host of modern features make these shelters much more than bare-bones slumber shacks! Constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight, waterproofed polyester to brilliantly weather wind and precipitation. Timeless peak-style construction affords loads and loads of interior room. Covered mesh windows allow air to circulate, keeping your camp fresh. Bring the Guide Gear Teepee Tent on your next outdoor adventure, and you’ll sleep soundly knowing you saved BIG money! Peak Performance: Waterproof 190-denier polyester shell is lightweight and rugged; Weatherproofed windows; Sewn-in polyethylene floor; Center steel pole support adds durability; Factory-sealed seams for superior hold and seal; 1,000 mm polyurethane coating for excellent weather resistance; Includes stakes and black / silver pull-through guy ropes (prevents tripping in the dark!); Rain-protected ventilation in peak and multiple ground air vents for breathable comfort; Generous 9’9″ center height. Sleeps 10-12 people. Weighs 21 lbs., 4 ozs. Imported. Order Yours Today! Guide Gear 18×18′ Teepee Tent

When you are looking at teepee style tents you may think they went by the wayside a long time ago. However, what you need to realize is this is one of the best ways to have a tent that is durable, and easier for you to keep warm. If it was not easy to heat or cool, then the Native Americans would have given up on the design years ago. A common problem that people have is they are not sure how to put one of these tents up or even where to get them at. This is when you should fall in love with the fact that Gear Guide has several options to explore.  With that being said we have decided to review the Gear Guide 18×18 teepee style tent, which is going to be covered below.

What Does The Teepee Tent From Gear Guide Offer

This is the nice part about this teepee and that is it is going to be an older style that is very tried and true in the design, but it is going to have the modern easy of materials that are easy to use. So you will enjoy the fact this is going to give you a comfortable tent to sleep in, but it is also going to be using a design that has been in use for years. Throw in the fact that this teepee style tent is going to use modern materials and it is even easier to see why this is a great option for you. With this tent the main feature that it is going to offer you is the older style, but modern ease. Not to mention you will not lose your tent at all because it will most likely be the only teepee style tent in the campground!

What Are The Floors And Sides Made From? 

This is a good question because a lot of the modern tents are using materials that are resistant to water, but tear easily on the floor. With the Gear Guide company they realized this is a major issue and decided to address it. The main material on the sides is going to be made from the lightweight, but waterproof polyester. The floor is made from a sewn in polyethylene that is going to help resist the water that could come up from the floor. The downside is the floor is not insulated, like in most tents so it is possible that any cold air can seep up from the ground and into your tent.

Windows Are Waterproof As Well

This is a feature that a lot of the older style teepees did not have and that is windows. The windows are a great addition that you will really enjoy, but it is one that you are going to want to consider strongly because it will help you keep your tent cool in the summer. However, with the rain chances in the summer months you will like the fact these are going to be waterproof. So you will not have to be concerned about the tent leaking water or getting to hot. It is important, though, to think about the fact that everything that is waterproof will end up leaking at times because of the amount of rain it can withstand.

Does The Tent Work Well In Windy Conditions

This is one thing that I have to say the older counterparts had going for it and that is the fact the tent is not able to withstand high winds that much. That is because this tent is rather tall and when you get something that is tall the wind tends to have a field day with it. So this is something that you really need to think about when you are shopping for a tent, because if you plan on camping somewhere windy then select a different tent!

Our Final Thoughts On The Guide Gear 18×18 Teepee Tent

Camping is a great time and some of the modern tents, while they look nice, do not really have the same type of results you would expect to have. Since this is the case, we will say this is a tent that we like, but with all that said we would say only get this tent if you do not plan on being somewhere that is windy. If you plan on staying somewhere windy, then you need to keep looking for a new tent. Overall, this is a great tent and one that we like, but have to admit it probably would not last for a family camping trip because of the wind factor.

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