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Easily provide powerful air circulation throughout your tent or RV with the Coleman Free-Standing Tent Fan. With adjustable 2-speed airflow control, the Tent Fan will run for up to 21 hours on a set of four D batteries (not included). The fan folds easily for convenient, compact storage and packing.

Introducing The Coleman Freestanding Tent Fan

We have been covering the solar powered or battery powered fans recently and we are going to continue that trend with the Coleman freestanding tent fan. With this fan, you will find that it was designed by Coleman corporation, which if you were a kid growing up in the 80s or 90s this was the name that was like the in for camping gear. So you can see this is a brand that I am very familiar with the brand. With that being said, here is some information that will make it easier for you to know if the Coleman freestanding tent fan is going to be for you or not.

Features Of The Freestanding Tent Fan

  1. Tilting base that is going to make it easier for you to direct the airflow of the fan in your tent, but also folds easily on itself to make it easier to store away.
  2. Has a long run time on the D cell batteries of 21 hours, without it going dead on you before the time is up.
  3. Uses the foam fan blades that are going to make it easier for you to use when kids are around the campsite.

Pros Of The Coleman Fan

  1. Has screws that will make it easier for you to mount the fan on a shelf or a wall if you want to use this fan outside of a tent.
  2. The fan  is meant to fold up to make it very easy for you to store the fan and get it ready for travel when you decide to move from one campground to another campground.
  3. Sound that comes from this fan is extremely quiet, so you do not have to be concerned about the fan being so loud that it is going to keep you up all night long. Instead, you may have to be concerned about the fan being so quiet that you forget to turn it off at night.

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Cons Of The Freestanding Tent Fan

  1. Foam rubber blades are going to be one of the major cons that I see with this fan. I know that a lot of people love these because they are light weight and kid friendly, but in my personal experience these types of blades have a tendency to tear up rather easily and do not move the air that well.
  2. Uses D cell batteries and if you are in the middle of the woods, most of the places that are selling any type of batteries only has your basic AA and AAA batteries. So you will find the D cell batteries are going to be hard to replace if you are away from some of the camp stores that do not stock this battery.
  3. In some of the reports that were online, you may need to have one fan per person that is in the tent to help keep them all cool. So you may want to consider this as an option because then each person will have their own individualized fan to help keep them cool.

Price Options

I am sure that you can find these fans at your local Walmart or other big box retail store. However, one thing that I have found is they tend to be a little bit more pricey than Amazon and even some of the other online retailers. When I was looking up information for this fan, I found that it was not that terrible on the price and Amazon at the time of this writing even had an option to order four fans at once. So I would have to say with all the discounts and the wide selection of products available Amazon tends to have the best pricing options available.

Our Final Take

Hand fan

While the fan at the left is quite beautiful, being a Chinese hand fan, you may not want to rely on this for keeping cool when you are camping. Remember the hand fan was replaced by the powered fans because using the hand fans generates heat and that tends to be something you do not want to have a lot of if you are trying to stay cool. While the Coleman fan does have some pros and some drawbacks, I would have to say it is a lot better than some of the alternatives and even will provide you with a nice cool breeze, even if you need one per person. However, at the same time I am disappointed that it uses D cell batteries because these are not a common battery that camp stores keep on hand. Either way, I would have to say overall this is a fan that is not going to disappoint and at the price it will make a great fan to help keep you cool in the middle of summer.

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