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Enjoy some of the comfort of home while you experience the great outdoors. Simply hang the Happy Camper Deluxe Camping Combo LED Lantern and Fan from your tent or shelter, or stand it on its base and take pleasure in hours of light and fan.

Introducing The Whetstone Deluxe Camping Combo Fan And Lantern

A dual purpose item is always better to get when camping and space is limited than an item that is going to only do a single job. I know that in some cases, it is necessary to get an item that is going to do a single job. However, Whetstone has made the Deluxe Camping Combo Fan and Lantern, which means you will not have to deal with a lot of different items to get a job completed.

Features Of The Whetstone Combo Item

  1. Has 18 different LED light bulbs that will provide you with the illumination that you want to have all night long.
  2. Longer battery life than a lot of the other products that we have seen. With this model you can expect to see 37 hours of light, 50 hours of low speed fan or 30 hours of high speed fan.
  3. Lightweight is going to make it easier for you to take the lantern/fan combo with you when you are trail hiking.

Pros Of The Deluxe Camping Combo Fan

  1. Has a hook at the top side of the lantern fan, so you can hang it from the ceiling of the tent or other parts of the campsite.
  2. Very resistant to a lot of the weather that you could encounter when you are out camping.
  3. With a small fan, it does move quite a bit of air and this is something that people will really like to see with the fan.

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Cons Of The Camping Combo Fan

  1. Uses two D size batteries and these are going to be hard to find depending on the campground that you are staying at, but these are easy to find at most convenience stores.
  2. In the larger sized tents it has been reported that the fan is not able to move enough air to keep the tent cool.
  3. With this fan and light it has been reported that some of the switches are close to each other and can easily be hit.

Price Options

We looked quite a bit online for this fan and found their are several places that are selling the product. However, like most of the products that we have reviewed, we noticed that Amazon seems to have one of the lowest price options on the market place. So this is going to be something you will enjoy because it means that you will not be paying a fortune for the fan that you need to have to keep your tent cool.

Our Final Take

Fan not meant for camping
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We have reviewed 5 different fans now and we have to admit this is one of our favorites for your camping trip. I know that it can be hard to figure out which of the fans you should be getting, but this one is one that is a keeper. This is a fan that is going to provide you with a lantern and keep the air moving in your tent. With that being the case, I would have to say this is one of those camping fans and lantern combinations that you are going to love to use because it will keep you cool and provide you with light. Just remember the Whetstone Deluxe Camping Combo Lantern and Fan works great for its size, but if you have a huge tent you may need to get a couple of them to move the air.

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