O2COOL NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan with Adapter Review





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O2Cool 10″ Battery Operate Fan with Adapter.

 Introducing The O2Cool Battery Operated Fan

We are going to continue to talk about some of the camping fans that we really like here and the O2cool model is the next one we plan on talking about. With this model of fan you are going to find that it is going to provide you with quite a bit of comfort and allow you to have some air movement from the fans while you are camping.

Features Of The O2Cool Fan

  1. Has a 2 speed motor, that will make it easier for you to determine which of the speeds is going to do best for moving the air around in your tent or campsite.
  2. Comes with a handle that will make it easier for you to get the fan moved around the campsite and even place in the tent. The fans handle can be used while the fan is in use from what I have read from some of the reviews on Amazon.
  3. Adapters on camp fans are hard to come by, but with this fan it has the adapter included, which makes it easier for you to get the fan and use it at your campsite on electric power, instead of having to rely only on the batteries.

Pros Of The Fan

  1. Quietness of the fan is one thing that a lot of people have bragged about with most people commenting that their ceiling fans tend to be a little bit louder than this fan is.
  2. Ease of carrying the fan and packing it into the camper or tent for the camping trips is something else which people have been fond of seeing.
  3. With the adapter, which is included, it can be used on electric power as well saving you the expense of having to buy a ton of D cell batteries.

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Cons With The O2Cool

  1. Uses D cell batteries, which in my area tend to be the least stocked at camp stores and when they are available are always the most expensive on the market.
  2. With this fan it only uses a platform that is already tilted and does not allow you to adjust the fan to the level that you want it to be at.
  3. The plug is a traditional outlet style and will need to have this type of plug and not a USB plug like some of the other powered fans have available.

Price Options

Now, I have looked online at several different retailers for the fan. We even looked at a website called unbeatablesales.com and the price that they had for the same fan was actually 4 dollars more than Amazon at the time of this writing. Granted, prices can change over time, but as of right now Amazon has the best price that I have seen for the product. Not only that if you get like some of the people have recommended because everyone will want to take the single fan get two, you would get free shipping unless Amazon changes that aspect of their business.

Our Final Take

Fans are one item that you are going to need to bring with you in the middle of summer, unless you plan on going up into the mountains. The fans will help move the air around and if you have one that has a mister will take the misting air and move it to keep you comfortable. With all of this information, we are going to rate this fan pretty good. I personally love how it moves the air and has been used for multiple purposes outside of camping as well. The only drawback that we wished it had here, was a tilt feature to make it easier to move the air around.


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