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Cyclops, an innovator in personal and field lighting solutions introduces the new PORTABLE FAN LIGHT 18 LED INTERGRATED HOOK for multiple purposes. This light is ideal for any situation, you can use it as a hands free lighting with stand or hang hook using adjustable handle that offers 18 bright LED bulb and a fan. You can operates fan and light independently or together. Made with durable ABS plastic housing and Pivoting LED array for directional light positioning. The light is powered by a 2 D cell batteries (not included) and has a combined burn time of 16 hours with fan and light.

Introducing The Cyclops Portable Fan Light 

The Cyclops brand may not seem like a common brand and that is because it is not a brand that a lot of people have talked about. However, I am here to tell you this is a company that has managed to get some of the most innovative items on the market and these have evolved into some of the best products on the market. The item that we are going to be discussing today is the Cyclops portable fan life with hook that is integrated into it.

Features Of The Cyclops Portable Light

  1. Comes with an LED light that you can pivot around to make the light position into any of the positions that you want to have it positioned.
  2. Has an extremely weather resistant housing that will make it easy for you to take out on the trail with you and not have to be concerned about the rain or snow ruining your fan/light.
  3. With the hook that is present you can hang this in your vehicle or any location that you want to have it positioned at.

Pros Of The Cyclops Portable Fan And Light Combo

  1. Has an extremely long fan run time on just the battery alone, which is going to take the fan on low and have it run 50 hours and on high it will run up to 30 hours.
  2. With the light head being flexible it is going to be very easy for you to move the light to the position that you want it to be at and can illuminate more in your tent or other item.
  3. Durability is something else that a lot of people have bragged about, with one buyer in the past commenting about how this survived an entire week at a boy scout camp.

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Cons Of The Cyclops Fan

  1. Is operated only by batteries, which means if you forget the batteries you will have to rely on the camp store to have the replacement batteries you need.
  2. Battery housing is directly behind some of the fan blades, which can make it impossible for the fan to get the air flow that it needs to have.
  3. It has been reported in some of the reviews that the battery box lid comes off very easily and can easily be misplaced.

Price Options

We were looking for the best price around for the fan and found that Amazon, or at least one of the people who are selling in the fulfilled by Amazon shops have the lowest price that we have seen on the Internet. While the fulfilled by Amazon may not mean that they are going to have it in stock all the time, it does provide you with a great option for the pricing because I found about 20 different retailers, including Amazon itself as being a merchant for the product.

Our Final Take

Tipi Camping This is another one of the items that we have found that is a combination of a light and fan. While most of these items normally do not impress us, we have found that the number of reviews that are positive are very overwhelming. With that being said, we are going to recommend this as a great fan that will help you in getting to enjoy the camping trip that you are planning on taking in the middle of summer. I would just make sure that you have plenty of batteries for you, because if you are like me they always tend to die faster than what you think. Overall, this is a great item and one that you can easily enjoy for your next camping trip in the middle of summer.

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