iMBAPrice® Deluxe Outdoor Camping 2-In-1 Combo LED Lantern and Fan (USB-CFAN-LED)





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Introducing The iMBAPRICE Deluxe Lantern And Fan Combo

When you are preparing to replace your camp fan, you may be shocked at the type of selection that is available for you to pick from. I know that when we were researching this topic almost all of the fans that are on the market now are a combination fan and light combo. This means they are going to provide you light and cool air at the same time. What makes it worse, though, is the fact that most of these are battery powered, which means that you are going to have the batteries on hand to get the fan to work. For this blog post, we are going to be reviewing the iMBAPRICE Deluxe Outdoor camping fan and lantern combo.

Features Of The iMBAPRICE Deluxe

  1. 18 LED lights that are supposedly some of the brightest lights the company can provide.
  2. Weather resistant is something that is a major concern when you are looking at using a fan or a light combination while camping. This is a combo item that has been noted as having some of the best weather resistance.
  3. Comes with a hook that will make it easier for you to get the fan and light in position to position everything to the level that you want to have them at.


  1. Noise pollution can ruin a camping trip, but with this fan it has been reported to produce very little noise.
  2. Can be hung up and used as a fan or a lamp, but if you want to have it sitting on a stand you can do that as well.
  3. Light output when combined with the fan operating on low is reported to last up to 16 hours.

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Cons With The Lantern Fan Combo By iMBAPRICE

  1. Amount of air that is being moved out by the fan is minimal and it does not make it easier to cool off your tent in the warmer summer months.
  2. Their have been a lot of reports about this fan and the motor being wired incorrectly, which makes it impossible for the fan to operate properly.
  3. Some reports have been made about the fan blowing the air improperly and starting to blow the air in the opposite direction of what it is supposed to be doing.

Price Options

I have to say that we looked all over for this fan and we did find some of the local stores that have these fans for a cheaper price, but at the same time these are not being offered online at these same stores. So I would have to say out of the stores that we searched online, it is going to be Amazon that has the lowest price that we have found for this product.

Our Final Take

While we started out really liking the way this fan and light looked, we are starting to have some doubts. After reading several different reviews of this product from we are having some doubts. I know that the light portion of this product has been reported to work great and can really illuminate a tent, the fan portion has been reported as having some issues. With that being said, if you want to have a fan that can provide you with some breeze if it is close to you it is going to be great for you, but if you need a light you will want to consider this one for sure.

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