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Tent camping in winter Camping in the middle of winter may not seem like something that you would want to do. However, what you need to realize is this is a great time to go camping and enjoy the solitude that you may want to have when you are in the campground. I know that in some cases you may not think this when you see the weather forecast calling for temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, but where else are you going to have a fire going and actually use it for warmth outside of a fireplace or wood stove?

A lot of the camping companies have come to realize that the winter camping idea is starting to catch on and some of the people that are going camping are not going to be able to afford the fancy campers and recreational vehicles that have heaters. In fact, quite a few people have started to camp in the winter months in tents and just plain sleeping bags with wind protection because they have insulated tents or insulated sleeping bags with a temperature rating that will put people safely in their tent at a below zero temperature.

For me, I do not know if I could go winter camping when their is snow on the ground because I like to have the warm bed. However, a lot of people do enjoy camping in the middle of winter and will have a great time while they are camping in winter. I will admit, that having a campground to myself would be a great thing to have, but at the same time I think the cold air would get to me. To help combat these issues, I would definitely need the gear that we talked about, but also some of the other gear as well.

Portable heaters are an item that you may want to consider, but you need to make sure you look carefully at these as they can be an item that will heat up your tent rather quickly and this could easily lead to it catching fire. Something else that can be an issue with portable heaters is they may not be made for your camping trip and this can easily lead to you not being able to enjoy your trip because your tent or heater are both being ruined.

The insulated sleeping bags and tents are something that we already mentioned and something that is going to work great for your needs. I know that these are the items that some of the hikers and mountain climbers up in the higher elevations use. So these obviously work because those temperatures get fridged and it will take the abuse even with the winds that are present in these higher elevations.

Their is plenty of other winter camping gear, that we will be adding in and reviewing, but as of right now that is all that I am going to mention. I know winter camping is possible, but the key is are you willing to give it a shot? I know that I would be willing to give it a shot with the proper equipment, which is what we are going to be covering next to help ensure that you all are prepared for taking a camping trip in the middle of winter.

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