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When it gets down right chilly, this ThermaDri insulated dualist will keep you warm and toasty. Box baffle construction and full draft collar guard against heat loss. Note : EN Rating is 0 Degree / Comfort Rating is 6 Degree.

Introducing The Kelty Dualist 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

As we mentioned in one of our previous post about camping in winter, it is possible, but only if you have the right gear. A good starting point to the gear is by getting the camping gear that is insulated and meant for winter weather camping. Since this is the case, we have decided to start to review some of the various insulated sleeping bags that are on the market right now. These bags are going to have a variety of temperature ratings and I can tell you that some of these ratings are more favorable to the camping gear, but other times the ratings are not really giving the campers a degree that most people are comfortable with, when in reality it is going to be able to withstand temperatures that are a lot colder than the rating. Without any further ado lets go and review the Kelty Dualist 0 degree sleeping bag.

Features Of The Kelty Dualist 

The most important step to considering any purchase is to know the features of the product before you buy. I know that seems obvious, but it is an important step that so many people miss it is not funny. Here are some of the points that we found interesting and are listing as a great feature with the Kelty Dualist.

  1. Has a thermadri construction that is going to make it easier for the sleeping bag to stay dry in the middle of the day or even at night. Remember the moisture is the main reason that you are going to get a chill in the middle of the night, so it is very important for the moisture to stay out of the sleeping bag. So you can finally get the sleep that you want to have at night.
  2. Two different sizes is going to make it easier for you to be able to enjoy your camping trip because you can finally find a sleeping bag that is going to keep you warm. So you are going to be able to find a sleeping bag that suits your size. The larger size will go up to 6’6″ and the small size will fit people up to 6′.
  3. Nothing is worse than going camping and finding out that the sleeping bag that you have decided to use for your hike and trip cannot be compressed down. I know, that is just the pits because it means you will have to set up a stable site, but in winter you want to explore and move. So you will enjoy the fact that this is a sleeping bag that is going to be able to provide you with the comfort that you want at night, but then be compressed down into the size you need for your backpack.

Pros Of The Dualist 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

  1. Light weight is a great feature that you will enjoy with this sleeping bag, which clocks in at 2.2 pounds, which means you will not have a ton of extra weight in your backpack.
  2. Waterproof outer shell is going to help you get the comfort that you want to have while you are sleeping at night and know that you are going to stay dry in the middle of the night, even if your tent starts to leak water in the middle of the night.
  3. The temperature rating according to several of the reviewers has stated that the sleeping bag will keep you warm to +6, but with just a pair of thermals they stated they were able to take the temperature down quite a bit more.

Cons Of The Dualist By Kelty Sleeping Bag

  1. According to some of the reviewers that have talked about this bag on Amazon, they have mentioned that this is a bag that has an above zero degree rating. The rating, while slightly higher than the 0 that is claimed, is still going to keep you very warm.
  2. The weight actually comes into a sleeping bag that is a little bit higher than the claimed 2.2 pounds. In fact, this is a sleeping bag that comes in at right around the 3.7 pound mark, which makes it easier for you to carry and have it compressed down.
  3. Depending on how experienced you are at using these sleeping bags, the zipper can be tricky. So you will need to make sure that you look at the sleeping bag and how it zips up to make sure that you are comfortable with the way it zips up.

Price Options

Now, I am sure you are thinking that these bags are going to be a fortune, which is often the case because these sleeping bags are very high quality and great looking. This is very true of the Kelty brand that is often considered one of the best brands of camping gear on the market. I know that in this case, when we were looking for this specific sleeping bag the best price that we found between all of the camping gear stores that are online was on Amazon. Yes, some of the other stores do stock this item, but to be honest their price was generally five to ten dollars more than Amazon and when you add in that Amazon generally has free shipping around it is easy to see Amazon beats most of the prices hands down.  If you do find a cheaper price please drop us a line and let us know.

Our Final Take

I am sure you have probably read out site and know that we like to leave our little thoughts last. I know this is a great sleeping bag and one that will keep you not only warm in the winter months, but also dry. While this sleeping bag may not have the true three season rating, you need to realize this is a bag that does have quite a few of the options that you need to have in the fact that it is compressible enough for you to store for your backpack trips, but also large enough for people who are under 6’6″ to fit into. So make sure you consider this aspect when you are looking at this sleeping bag and this will help guarantee that you have a sound sleep at night, while you are partaking in your winter camping trip.

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