2 Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bags Adult Tall to 6’4″ Cold Weather 0F-20F Insulated Reviewed





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Ancient mummies were made to preserve a person until the next lifetime, and the Mummy Bag is designed to keep a person warm until the next morning. The outdoor adventurers at Coleman have discovered the secrets of zero degree Fahrenheit comfort. The contoured design of the mummy shape decreases the amount of space around the body, so body heat remains stronger and more efficient at remaining warm. A semi-sculpted hood provides better heat retention than an ordinary sleeping bag. A full length draft tube locks out drafts. The double-batt, offset quilt construction eliminates cold spots. A person inside the Mummy Bag might look like a mummy, but they won’t feel like one, because the box foot silhouette gives the feet extra room to wiggle around. Even the ancient Egyptians didn’t have it so good.

Introducing The Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bags

A mummy sleeping bag seems like a must when you are planning on going camping in the colder climates. However, what you need to realize is these sleeping bags can be great for year round use as well because of the way they are developed and made. Either way, we are going to be talking about the Coleman Mummy sleeping bag and doing a review of this sleeping bag this time. While it may not seem like a great sleeping bag at first, I am sure after you read our review of the 2 Coleman mummy sleeping bag, you will have a completely different and educated opinion because you will know more about the sleeping bag that you are considering to purchase for your next winter camping adventure.

Features Of The Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

  1. Is insulated with the patented Coletherm insulation that is rated to keep the body warm, even when the temperatures decide to dip down to zero degrees, but as with most of these sleeping bags if you wear some additional clothing under the bag their is a good chance that it will be able to keep you warm longer.
  2. Comes with a draft tube that is going to make it easier for you to avoid the drafts that are common when you are camping in the middle of winter. Something else that is a nice feature is the chest baffles in the sleeping bag are insulated as well, which is going to help you stay warm, even when the temperatures start to dip down.
  3. The sleeping bag is machine washable and has a 2 way zipper that can be locked, which means you will finally be able to sleep in comfort and not be concerned about the zipper going down while you are rolling over in the middle of the night.

Pros Of The Mummy Sleeping Bag

  1. Offset quilt quality of construction is going to make it easier for you to avoid any of the cold spots that are so common among some of these sleeping bags. This way you can finally sleep at night and know that it is going to provide you with the warmth that you want to have and know you will not get cold.
  2. Box style foot area makes it easier for the feet to have some extra room that they need to have. With a lot of the mummy sleeping bags they are going to have a pointed type of foot, which is going to make it impossible for you to turn over or move in. The Coleman sleeping bag knows this is a major issue and since they are aware of this being a problem, they have taken and made it to where the foot is a box style which gives you the foot room you need to have.
  3. Comes with a contour type of design, which is going to reduce the amount of dead air space around the body. With this space being reduced, it is going to make it easier for the body to stay warm and not have to be worried about getting cold because of the air around it not being warm enough.

Cons Of The Coleman 2 Mummy Adult Sleeping Bag

  1. As with a lot of the insulated sleeping bags, you are going to find they are in the mummy style. This is a style of sleeping bag that a lot of people do not like to have because of their claustrophobia. However, this is one of the only cons that I am able to find in all of the research that I have done with this sleeping bag.
  2. Have to use caution to get the sleeping bag zipped up properly because you can snag the zipper and that can easily tear the bag and make it impossible for you to get the bag zipped up properly.

Price Factors

I know that I have looked at several different camping supply websites from camping supply companies. The problem is that Amazon has a tendency to be the lowest price around if you are shopping online for a product. Yes, you can find some steals at your local stores, but a lot of times they do not have a website that will allow you to buy the product and if they do the price tends to be higher than what you want to pay. However, I do know that online most of the other retailers were not able to compete with the pricing that Amazon offers in their program.

Our Final Take

Sleeping outside in a tent or camper in the middle of winter can be very difficult to do because it can be very cold at night. I know that I have found that a camping trip in the middle of winter is a great thing to do, but at the same time I do not want to freeze all night long. With that being said, I have to say out of all the insulated sleeping bags we have started to review, this is one of the best ones that we have found on the market. I have to admit, it is by Coleman as well, which is one of the best brands for camping products that I have found in all of the camping articles I have read or written. Either way, you cannot go wrong by making a choice with this product because it will not only keep you warm, but you can sleep like an Egyptian.

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