Northstar Tactical Operations Sleeping Bag Hooded Mummy 30 – 40 Degrees (Black) Reviewed





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North star tosb – tactical operations sleeping bag is a durable mummy sleeping bag with 30 degrees F lowest temperature rating with insulated draft tube. Designed to keep the body’s core at a more comfortable temperature. Synthetic holofiber ultra compactable fill for comfort.

Introducing The Northstar Tactical Operations Sleeping Bag

Sleeping outdoors in the middle of the winter can be very difficult to do. However, even in the fall or early spring months it can be hard to do as well. Since this is the case, you should know about the different sleeping bags that are on the market. I know that the Northstar Tactical Operations sleeping bag is one of the decent ones on the market, but it is not rated for temperatures below 30 degrees. So you will want to make sure you consider this as it can get cold at night when you are camping because you are going to be outside and only have a tent or camper around you, which typically does not have the best heat around.

Features Of The Northstar Sleeping Bag

  • Has a specific design that is meant to keep the bodies core at a stable temperature and ensure that you do not get overheated or to cold while you are in your sleeping bag.
  • Comes with a very durable and rip stop cover that is going to make it easier for you to know the sleeping bag is going to last you for a long period of time and not be damaged by any of the challenges that you can face while you are camping.
  • This is a sleeping bag that has the tapered mummy design that is going to make it easier for you sleep at night and stay warm, but you will see later on that this is also a drawback as well in some cases.

Pros Of This Mummy Style Insulated Sleeping Bag

  • While you may not think about this, if you are hiking you need a bag that can compress down quite a bit. With this sleeping bag it is going to be easy to compress down and can easily fit into a very small bag and this will make it easier for you to enjoy hiking in the woods with a warm sleeping bag.
  • Speed which you are able to put this sleeping bag away is quite quick compared to some of the other sleeping bags you may have to deal with.  In one report, the sleeping bag was completely put back into its compression bag in under 2 minutes.
  • Weight is a major issue when you go camping and often can determine if you are going to buy an item or not. A lot of the reviews have commented about how shocked they are about the weight of this because it is so light and easy for them to just throw into their backpack to get back on the trail or for cleaning up the campsite.

Cons Of The Mummy Style Insulated Sleeping Bag By Northstar

  • Is a mummy style bag that has the tapering towards the feet, which means that you are going to have less leg room than what a box style sleeping bag will let you have.
  • The rating for this bag is only 30 degrees above zero. Since this rating is so high, it is not exactly the perfect sleeping bag that you would want to take on a camping trip with you if you are going to Canada or the North Pole in winter.

Price Factors

Face it, quality camping gear is going to cost you a fortune normally. However, what I have found with this sleeping bag is the bag is often available for a very low cost. In fact, I looked at Amazon and even my local stores and noticed this is a sleeping bag that has a reasonable price and does not cost a ton of money from any retailer. I would recommend if you want to save some money and do not have a local camping shop make sure you check out Amazon because it is going to have the free shipping on orders over 35 dollars.

Our Final Take

As we told you, this is a three season sleeping bag and one that you will really like to sleep in if you want to have some additional room and a bag that is warm at night. I know something else that makes this bag a great one to choose is the fact the price is lower than most of the other bags that are similar in style and look. However, the main thing that you will enjoy is the fact this is a light weight sleeping bag that will make it easier for you to take on the trails with you.

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