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Introducing The VAS 18 LED 2N1

If you are a frequent reader of our blog you will see that we have been talking about fans lately and that is because we got hot this summer. I mean really hot and even walking outside to get my mail made me want to get a personal fan to keep cool, so I can only imagine what it was like in the tents. Since that was the case, I decided to start the segment that was going to cover the light and fan combinations, which is what I found to be most prevalent when I was looking for these products. I really just wanted to do fans, but almost all of them are a combination anymore. With that being said, here is our review of the VAS 18 LED 2N1 Camping Tent fan and light combination.

Features Of The VAS Combination 

  1. Can be hung as a light and ceiling fan combination or it can be used as a fan by itself on a stand.
  2. Uses 18 LED emergency lights that make it easy to see in an emergency situation.
  3. Comes with a hanging hook on it so you can hang it from the tent or other parts of the campsite.

Pros Of The 18 LED 2N1 Combination

  1. Can be run by only using 2 batteries compared to some of the other fans that we have talked about that require 4 to 6 batteries to get them to operate.
  2. Ability to circulate air is decent for a fan this size and in most of the reviews that we have seen it is said to be able to cool off a 4 person tent easily.
  3. Light is bright enough that you can see what you need to see at night, but not disturb your neighbors who are in the adjoining campsite.

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Cons Of The Combination Light And Fan

  1. The fan has been reported to drain the battery rather quickly.
  2. Durability of the fan has been called into question as some reviewers had the hook fail and the fan guard itself has shattered.
  3. Amount of air flow has been questioned by some people, but they stated they were using larger tents that the fan was probably not meant for.

Price Options

Shopping for a fan and light like this is going to be a great thing to do for your camping trip. However, when you are looking for this light and combination you may be shocked to see the price of some of these are going to be high and some of them will be lower than what you expect. With that being the case, when we were looking for this at other sites and stores, we found Amazon did have the lowest price on the market. You can see the price for yourself by clicking on the picture below.

Our Final Take

Stay Cool With A Camping FanYou may be asking yourself what we think of this fan and that is a good question. We personally think this is a good quality fan and one that you will want to try to add into your camping gear. While it has been reported the fan can be flimsy, it is unlikely that you will be abusing the gear because it can cost quite a bit of money if you are abusing your gear. This is when you should know that if you are careful with this fan it will work great and according to almost all of the reports that we read online, you can start to get a cooling effect from the fan as long as the fan is a four person tent or smaller.  Either way you can avoid looking like our picture here, with just a simple fan.


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