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Disney Frozen Tent For Girls


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Find Out About The Disney Frozen Tent With T-Door

Now, this is a Disney tent that is going to be targeting the girls that are out their and would love to go camping or indoor camping. However, what is different is this is a tent that is going to target the movie Frozen and all the popularity that came with the movie. Now not a lot of people thought that Frozen would take off like it did, but in actuality the movie was insanely popular and even today several years after the movie was released it is still very popular among girls. Disney has recognized this success and decided it was time to make a tent for the movie. In this article we are going to do our Disney Frozen Tent with T-Door review, please note it is important to see this is the T-Door style as they also have a D-Door Style as well.


Features Of The Disney Frozen T-Door Style Tent

This is a tent that has a mesh ceiling and that is going to be nice because it means the tent is able to breath without it being lifted up on the corners to get the air flow. However, at the same time it can allow moisture in which is why you will like the fact that it has a rain fly that you can put on the tent if you do decide to use this tent outside.

The door is in the T style door, which means it will zip down the middle and flap open to either side like the letter T. However, you need to realize this will make it easier for you to deal with different weather, but also to have a door open if you need to while you are camping and want a breeze and then close it at night when you are ready to go to sleep.

With the Disney Frozen tent you will notice that it is going to be able to be rolled up and put into a stuff sack. This is a nice feature as well because it will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the tent put up and stored. Then you do not have to be concerned about the tent giving you any problems when you are trying to store it.

How Large Is The Disney Frozen Tent? 

This is a dome style tent and it is going to be a little cramped if your girl is a little on the tall side as the tent measures 4 foot by 3 foot. So this will make it a small tent, but for most of the average sized girls this tent will work perfect. The downside is this is a tent that does not have a floor and that can make it a challenge at times to sleep because you have no protection from the ground.

Can You Use This Tent Outside?

While the company will say that you can use this tent outside, it does not have a floor and the walls of the tent are not the thickest around. So these two factors would have us using the tent indoors with our daughter. However, at the same time you may be able to use this tent outside if you are with your kids and aware that everything can change in an instant because the walls are thin and the lack of floor can make this a tent that is outside a challenge.

Our Final Thoughts On The Disney Frozen T-Style Door Tent

When you are looking for a tent for your daughters you may think the Disney Frozen tent is going to stand out. The tent will stand out because it is from Disney and it has a character that most girls like from the Frozen movie. However, you need to realize this tent is one that does not have a floor, the sides are thinner than most and even with a rain fly may not provide adequate protection without a floor.  Overall, we would recommend a completely different tent if you want to take your kids outside for the night, but if you want to get your kids a play tent they can take over the grandma’s and stay in the living room in then this would be perfect.

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