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Find Out About The Disney Youth Planes Discovery Tent Kit

Disney really is serious about getting the kids out in the woods, well somewhat out in the woods as the Discovery Tents are great, but they are not a tent that you may not want to have your child go camping in. With that being the case, we are going to talk about the Disney Youth Planes Discovery Tent Kit in the review. This way you are going to know if this is a good tent for you to get for your kids or if you need to consider a different tent to get because they cannot fit you or do not provide the protection you want to have in place for your kids.

Features Of The Disney Planes Discovery Youth Tent Kit

This is a tent that has a mesh ceiling, but it also has a rain fly. While this is a great feature, you still need to realize this is not a very secure tent and the mesh holes are great if you are going to have a slumber party and need to have some extra ventilation. Please note that you can use this tent outside, but it is not the strongest tent in the world so the rain fly is definitely a plus.

The tent is easy to set up which will make it quite a bit easier for all the kids to set the tent up on their own. This means that you can drop your kids off at the friends house and they can set the tent up, but if they do need to have any type of help it will be very minimal as the tent is that easy to set up.

One feature that you may enjoy for the kids is the fact this tent comes with its very own sling backpack. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to get the tent moved from one area to another, but also makes storage a breeze as a backpack is a lot easier to store than some of the stuff sacks the tents would usually go into.

Does The Disney Planes Discovery Tent For Kids Have A Floor? 

This is one thing that make us hesitant about having the kids use this tent outside and that is the fact that it does not have a floor. This means that your kids will be on the ground or the sleeping bag. Now this does not mean that you cannot put a tarp down, which I would recommend if you are going to use this outside, but that can be loud and if your kids are anything like mine they would complain about the noise and wake up every five seconds with the tarp sounds.

Is It Really Easy Enough For Kids To Put Up?

That is the great part about this tent and that is the fact that it is designed with kids in mind. That is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to get the tent and know that your kids can put it up and you do not have to worry about putting the tent up for the kids. Without this you could struggle with the tent and getting it up and keeping it up.

Who Would Really Like This Tent? 

Well this tent does not have a floor, so people who are planning on using the tent indoors, but also boys. The girls may like it to a point, but it is definitely a tent that is meant for boys. The tent is from the [popup_product]Planes movie [/popup_product] and features Dusty and all the other characters from the movie. So this definitely means this is a tent that the boys will like, but you need to realize it is a tent that is meant more for indoor slumber type of parties than anything else.

Who Would Not Like The Disney Discovery Planes Tent?

While this is a tent in the sense that it looks like a tent and will provide the same protection as a tent, it is more of an indoor type of tent that is going to keep the kids happy at a slumber party. The tent does not have a floor and it is a little bit on the smaller side as it is only a little bit over four foot. So it will not work for all kids, in fact the tent it supposed to be suited for kids 4 and up, so anyone under that would not work for the tent, but at the same time if your kids are tall they may not fit in the tent either.

Our Final Thoughts On The Disney Discovery Planes Tent

The Disney Discovery Planes Tent is one that you will want to get your kids if they are planning on doing a lot of slumber parties or having an indoor camping night. That is because the tent is meant more for that type of work. While it is a tent in the fact that it will provide some of the same comforts you would expect, it is not going to be able to withstand weather that well or even moisture from the ground. Overall, this is going to be a great play tent and one that your kids will like, but only if they like the movie Planes. If they do not like the movie then they probably not like this tent.


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