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Discover The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Getting the best tent is often what is going to make a camping trip or break it. However, if you are in the market for a new tent and have not bought one for some time the amount of choices you have available can easily blow your mind. I know that from our stand point we have reviewed quite a few tents and still have a lot more to go, but each one is different in its own way. With this being said we are going to review the Mountain Trails Grand Pass tent here that is meant to sleep up to 10 people.

Features Of The Mountains Trails Grand Pass Tent

The tent is going to be rather large as it is going to measure 18×10 and that is going to be one of the larger tents that we have talked about. Now the tent is claimed to be able to fit 9 to 10 people comfortably and oddly this is one tent that we think would probably be able to do it because it is so large and it may be a little cramped, but at least you are not going to roll over onto someone else. The tent is also tall as it is 76 inches at the center of the tent, making it easier to get changed.

The tent is made from nylon fabric, with a couple of large mesh roof vents and windows that will make it easier for you to ventilate your tent. If it does start to rain, though, you will like the fact the tent is going to have a rain fly that you can easily put on the tent quickly to get the protection you need to keep the rain from coming into your tent.

The ability to split a tent into rooms is nice, but if you are camping with your entire family it may be necessary as no teen girl likes sharing the same tent space with her brother without something separating them. With this tent you will have the chance to split the tent up with the room divider, but you may just want to set it up to have a parents and a kids side to the tent as well.

How Thick Is The Partition To Create The Two Rooms? 

This is a great question because this is a tent that has a partition that is sent with it to create two separate rooms in the tent. The problem is this is a white almost sheet like item, but it is also an item that is very think. So you will find that if you are using this it may not pay off for you because it is so thin it becomes almost see though in the way it is going to work for your tent.

How Easy Is The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent To Put Up And Take Down?

While you may think because this tent is so large that it is going to be impossible to put up and take down, you need to realize this is not the case. In fact, this is a tent that is very easy to take up and down and in some cases, not that I would recommend this, can be put up and taken down by a single person. I would recommend having a couple of people help with the tent to get the job done faster, but also helps to guarantee the tent is properly secured.

What Size Air Mattresses Can Fit Inside Of The Tent?

Now this is an interesting question because it is a family tent and often when you camp with family members you will want to be comfortable to avoid people getting grumpy at each other and wanting to kill each other. So it is nice to see that a lot of reports have come in of being able to get 2 queen size air mattresses in the tent and still have a little bit of room left over on the sides. It is important to note that these reports did not say if the room divider was up or down when they had these mattresses in the tent.

Our Final Thoughts On The Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2 Room Family Tent

We have to say this is a great family tent that is going to provide you with plenty of space to sleep in at night, but also have a great place to get shelter from the rain if you need it. The tent is also made from nylon that is a very durable material, think about your windbreakers. The downside is this tent , for all of its size and space is going to require a large campsite and as you can tell it is not the lightest thing either.  So this would be a great tent if you are going to a campground and want to have a good tent that has plenty of space for the entire family.

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