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Find The Mountain Trails Salmon River Tent

When you are looking for a great tent that has several rooms then you should make sure you consider the Mountain Trails Salmon River tent that is meant for 6 people, but also divided up into a couple of rooms. This is a tent that you cannot really take hiking with you, but it is going to be a tent that will work great for the entire family. The problem is sometimes you would not realize the quality of the Mountain Trails Salmon River Tent because it is not a common name you hear like Coleman or Browning with camping gear. So we have decided it was time to do a Mountain Trails Salmon River Tent Review to let you see what this tent is all about.

Features Of The Mountain Trails Salmon River Tent

The tent is large enough that it is going to have a room divider that will allow the tent to be split into 2. So you will have some privacy that is available and something you may want to have if you are camping with your family so you can do an adult side and a kid side, but also so you can have some of the sleeping space set aside if you are camping with some of your friends that you have that like to hang out with you.

The tent has a hooped fly system that is going to make it easier for you to get the protection from the rain, but also to keep the tent stable if you are in a windy situation. The hoop type of shape does make it easier for you to get the ventilation set up like you want as well because the vents for the tent are mesh and they are located near the roof, but also the windows on the tent will make it quite a bit easier to get a good cross breeze in the tent.

This is a tent that does have mud mats that you can put outside of the tent to help keep the inside of the tent clean. Face it no one wants to sleep on muddy floors, but in some tents their is no real place to take the shoes on and off when they are covered in mud. This tent addresses the issue by providing you with mud flaps that make it easier for you to get the tent secured and ready to be used without the muddy shoes being put on inside of it.

What Style Doors Does The Mountain Trails Salmon Tent Have? 

The doors on this tent are going to be in the D style that you would expect to see on most tents. However, since this is a larger tent you will notice they are in the dutch style of D doors. So it will make it easier for you to open up the tent wide to let more air in on warmer days. However, it also lets you have more space inside of the tent because you can have a couple of people at the door without it feeling crowded instead of just one.

How Big Is The Tent? 

This is a tent that is rather larger for most of the tents on the market. The tent actually is going to be 11 feet x 11 feet. The height is going to top out at 6 feet at the top of the tent. So it is a larger tent than what you can get with some of the tents that are on the market and this makes it easier for you to enjoy the tent and know that everyone in the family will have plenty of space inside of the tent.

Can You Take Down The Room Divider? 

While it is nice to have the room divider up if you are camping with the family and want to have some privacy it is not required. The room divider can be taken down if you are camping by yourself or with a significant other. Then you will be able to enjoy the entire space as a large tent and know that you are going to have plenty of space for all of your gear and your sleeping bags to make the tent comfortable to your own standards.

Our Final Thoughts 

This is a tent that is going to work out great for families or people that travel with friends a lot to campgrounds. The reason is the tent is rather large at an 11×11, but it is also meant for 6 people. This means a family can enjoy the tent and not be overly crowded in the tent. Throw in the fact the tent has a room divider and it is easy for everyone to have a great tent that everyone is going to love and enjoy. Wonderful tent and for the money it is a nice tent that allows the entire family a nice place to stay while camping.

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