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Learn About The Frozen Discovery Tent Kit By Disney

Do you have a little girl that enjoys camping, but wants to have their own tent? If this is the case you are going to love the fact that Disney has a tent that is available here for everyone to get for their daughters. With that being the case we are going to take and launch into our Disney Youth Frozen Discovery Tent Kit review so you can see if this tent will suit your little princesses needs.

Features Of The Frozen Discovery Tent Kit

The tent is a dome style tent that you are going to like because it will provide your daughter with plenty of room in the tent. However, you do need to realize that even with this being possible the tent is limited in how tall it is going to be and it actually measures at only 3 feet tall at the high point.

With the length and width you are going to notice it is not going to provide you with a ton of room for your daughter. In fact, the tent usually is going to measure about 4 feet long and as far as the width it will end up being about 3 feet wide so it is easy for you to get the space that you need to have.

The tent does have a mesh ceiling which is going to make it easier for you to have the extra breathing room inside of the tent. However, if you are getting the wind and rain you will like the fact this is a tent that has a rain fly available and will make it easier for you to keep the rain out of the tent.

Does The Tent Have A Floor

Now this is an issue that we found with this tent, and do not like if you are planning on having your little  princess use this tent outside is the fact that it does not have a floor. So you will have to be concerned about the animals getting into the tent by going under the tent because it does not have any type of floor on the tent.

Is The Tent Good For Use Outdoors

The tent is rather light weight and with this weight it means that it can be blown away if you are not careful. Throw in the fact that the tent does not have a floor and you will find that it is going to draw even more concerns for you as a parent about using the tent outside. So our short answer is you can use the tent outside, but with the concerns that we have you should address them properly before you decide to send your little girl outside in this tent.

How Easy Is This Tent To Put Together

This is the good news about this tent and that is the fact that it is very easy for you to put together. So you do not have to be concerned about your daughter hearing all the cuss words that you would normally have to worry about with the tents that you are going to be putting together. This in turn will make it easier for you to get the tent together even if you are not planning on using the tent outside.

Who Would Like This Tent

The girls that are in love with Frozen are going to love this tent. That is because the tent is going to provide you with the best looking tent possible for your girls, but also know they are going to have a chance to enjoy the tent and know that it will keep them safe, well for the most part safe. However, if they use this at a sleep over it will help them out tremendously in getting the help they need to have.

Who Would Not Like The Tent

Well, that really depends on what you are planning on using the tent for. The size is going to be a big restriction because not all the girls are going to fit in a tent that is only 3 foot long and 4 foot wide. However, at the same time I do not know many girls of the age range the tent is meant for that would want to sleep on the ground. So that is something else you should consider when looking at this tent.

Our Final Thoughts On The Frozen Disney Tent

Finally Disney has a tent that is out for the girls, but the downside is they forgot the floor of the tent! Really, this is going to make it hard to convince any little girl to go out camping. However, this is a tent that would be great for the slumber party if they want to have some privacy while they are at a friends house or having friends over. Either way a great tent, but one that you would not want to take on a camping trip that is for sure.

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