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Discover The Texsport Dual Burner Propane Stove 

We love cooking on an open flame, but we can tell you that cooking on a fire is nearly impossible at times. Since that is the case a lot of companies have come out with camp stoves that you can bring with you for the purpose of cooking your food. The problem is some of them are single burners, some of them are dual burners. Each of them, though, has one common theme and that is they use propane or butane to cook the food with. Here is the Texsport offering for a dual burner propane stove that we are going to review.

Features Of Texsport Dual Burner Propane Stove

The burn time is one of the great features with this stove. That is because it will last you up to 2 and a half hours with you having this turn all the way up. So this will make it easier for you to get the burning that you need to cook almost any meal that you can think of before you have to change your camp grill propane tanks.

The burners are going to provide you up to 8,000 BTUs of power to heat up your food and make cooking a breeze. You do have to realize it can take quite a bit of time to get the food cooked properly, so make sure you are aware of this. Something else you need to know about is we have reviewed more powerful stoves as well which some will do 10,000 BTU on the stove.

With the burners you will often ask yourself how much can they hold in the way of skillet size. Well the interesting thing is these are large enough burners they are able to hold two 10 inch skillets. So you do not have to worry about the skillet you plan on using not fitting on the cooking surface, unless you are using an oversized skillet.

Does The Texsport Dual Propane Grill Have Wind Breaks?

This is a great feature with a lot of the stoves that are going to be needed to help you in getting the grill protected and that is the wind breaks. With this grill you will love the fact that it does have wind breaks that are going to be on the sides and back, leaving the cooking front easy to access. What is even better is the fact these wind breaks are going to avoid taking up the storage space as they are going to fold down and make it easier for you to store.

Are The Texsport Dual Propane Grill Durable? 

When you are looking at this grill you may think that it is going to be flimsy because it is going to look flimsy. However, once you have this grill you will notice that it is going to be very durable and with the covering of the stove burners it will be easy for you to get the stove and know that you will not have to be concerned about it collapsing on you with the grill being heated up.

Who Would The Texsport Dual Propane Grill Be Meant For?

The Texsport Dual Propane Grill is going to be a grill that is great for people who are going to go camping and do not want to cook over an open fire, but also if you live in an area that is prone to power outages. If you are in those areas you may find this grill will be a great way for you to make your food and know that it is going to let you cook the food.

Who Would Not Like This Stove? 

The camp stoves are something that people will want to have and use and then store away. This is a stove that you can do that with, but it is also a camp stove that can take up some storage room if you are not careful. However, if you are planning on hiking the stove is going to take up to much space for you and need to much time to cool down before heading out. So this definitely would not be the camp stove for the hikers to bring with them.

Our Final Thought On The Texsport Dual Burner Propane Stove

A camp stove is a great item to have when you are going to go camping and this stove is definitely not going to disappoint you. This is a stove that has a dual burner, but it will only reach 8,000 BTU which is a decent amount of output, but we have found that their are other items that have a higher output and cook the food quite a bit faster. So you will want to take that into account when you are looking at the grill. Overall, if you are looking for a decent stove that can handle a 10 inch skillet, then you will not be disappointed at all.

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