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Discover The Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle

Finding a great aluminum water kettle is difficult to do because so many different kettles are on the market for you to pick from. This is very true when you are starting to look for a kettle that is going to work for both home use, camping use, and even just regular outdoor use. That is why we decided to look at all the different tea kettles you can take camping with you and this made it quite a bit easier for you to pick out the best kettle for you to take. In this case, we are going to cover the Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle, which actually comes in a couple of different size for the exact same kettle. The big difference is one of those kettles is meant for the European measurement as it is going to cover the measurements in ml, but in this instance, we are going to cover the one that is using the American measurements since we are based in America and it comes in 20-ounce measurements.

Features Of The Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle – 20 Ounce

  • When you look at this product the color of it may look like it is going to be something you will not want to deal with. However, what you will quickly find out is this is a kettle that is made out of hard anodized aluminum. This is going to mean the kettle has been heated and cooled to the point that it will be able to withstand a lot of the abuse you would be putting a kettle through while you are camping.
  • The capacity of this specific kettle is going to come in at the 20-ounce mark. This will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great product that is going to heat up enough water to make a cup of tea, but not really has to be overly concerned about your water being wasted or even having to worry about the water not working for what you are wanting the water for because you boiled to much and have to dump it out.
  • With quite a few of the kettles that we have seen on the markets the handles, for some reason, seem to always be solid. When you are using these for camping it makes it very difficult for you to get the water poured out or even worse getting the kettle stowed away into your backpack or the storage area you are planning on using for it when you are going to go camping. So this is definitely something you will want to see as a major difference as the handles for both the kettle itself and the lid are going to have a hinge on them. This makes it easier for you to fold the handle down and have it stored a lot faster than what you would have to deal with a solid handle that you are not used to dealing with.
  • Weight is a major issue when you are looking at a camping gear tea kettle. When you are looking at this kettle you will notice the weight of it will be just a little bit over the four-ounce mark. This will make it fairly light for you and know that you are not going to have to be concerned with the kettle adding in more weight than what you would expect.

What Did I Like With This Aluminum Water Kettle

I have to admit one of the things that I really like with this kettle is the fact that it is very light. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for me to carry around in my backpack. However, it also means that when the water is added it will not be to heavy. So this makes it easier for me to have a great product that I am able to lift up and carry around. At the same time, I do not have to be concerned about the kettle wearing out on me.

The handles is something else that I really like with the kettle that we are talking about here. I know this kettle is going to have handles that you can collapse down. However, at the same time it also makes it quite a bit easier for you to have a great kettle that can get the handles out of your way when you have it stored, but also have an easy time in getting them pulled up when you are using the kettle to make it easier for you to grip the kettle.

What I Did Not Care For With This Kettle

This is a kettle that I have found that is made from items that have been found to cause cancer in the past. When I go camping this is one thing that I want to have pushed the furthermost from my mind. So this is going to be one thing that is going to make me really question what I want to have in the kettle because I want to have something that is not going to really be giving me something that is going to make me sick.

I really hate the fact that this does not have a whistle on it. I tend to love the whistle because it makes it easier for me to know when the water is boiling and that it is ready to be used in the process of making the tea that I am wanting to drink when it is time for me to get up in the morning.

My Final Thoughts On The Esbit Hard Andodized Aluminum Water Kettle

Looking for a kettle is something that I had to do, but it is definitely something that I did not look forward to. This is why I have decided to look at the Esbit Andodized Aluminum Water Kettle. This is a kettle that I found to be useful and definitely did the job of heating up water. Overall, I would have to really consider a different aluminum water kettle because of the materials used in the construction of the kettle.

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