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Camping Gear – Snow Peak Ultra Heavy Duty Percolator

Well, we are looking at another coffee percolator today. In this instance, this is a piece that could be a nice addition to your camping gear, but you need to know more about it before you make the buying decision. I know this may seem like it will be easy to do because you have so much information on the different percolators that are on the market, but it really is not that easy to do. Which is why we have decided to do a review on the Snow Peak Ultra Heavy Duty Percolator. However, this is a brand that we have not really head about as well and that can lead us to already question the product as it is not a big name in the camping gear like Coleman, Teton, and even GSI which is all gear that we are familiar with and have written multiple reviews about. So this is a new piece of equipment and we are skeptical about it, but we decided to go ahead and share our thoughts on it with you our valued readers.

Features Of The Snow Peak Ultra Heavy Duty Percolator

  • This is a product that is constructed of stainless steel, but it is a high-quality stainless steel as it is made of the 18-8 stainless. However, the thickness of this steel is, in my opinion, a little bit on the thin side, but it is coming in at .7 mm. So I am not sure how much fire this can really hold up to, but it will work for what you need when it comes to camping gear and that so you can use this for your camping gear.
  • As you look at this coffee percolator you will notice that it is a little bit on the in-between size when it comes to it being a percolator as it will produce 6 cups of coffee for you to enjoy. So this will give you quite a bit of coffee, but if you drink a cup-like my husband you will be using the entire brew in the percolator to fill up your cup and not leave anything behind for anyone else to enjoy.
  • The stem and the basket that is on the inside of this product has been reported by several users to be made of aluminum. So this may not be as durable as what you were expecting to see when you were looking at this as being a potentially good product that is made from stainless steel in its entirety. Since this is the case, you will want to be careful with the stem because in my experience the aluminum on the baskets and the stems are very easy to break and bend.
  • This is a percolator that does have the viewing knob on the top. This will make it easier for you to know when your coffee is done and know exactly what you have to do to make the coffee. However, it will take some time and experience to learn how to use this properly and in the future, we are going to have an article coming out that will teach this method of making coffee.

What I Like With The Coffee Percolator

Well, I have to like the fact that it is made of stainless steel, which is going to make it look good in the kitchen but also look impressive on the camp stove as well. However, you will need to use caution because this can easily lead to you having an item that if you are using it on a regular basis and it starts to get scorched can start to have a burnt look to it and not be able to get is scrubbed clean.

The fact this is a percolator that is going to come with the basket and the stem is something else that I really like. With so many of the percolators that I have reviewed they have to be purchased extra, it is kind of upsetting . So I do like the fact this is one of the products that does come with the stems and basket, which will make it easier for you to get started on the coffee right away instead of having to wait for some additional parts to come in the mail to allow you to make your cup of coffee.

The ability to use this directly over the fire or on the stove is something else. Now you may think that I am only talking about the camp stove, but this is not the case you can use this on your home stove as well. So you will not have to get an additional coffee maker you just have to get the percolator and know that it will make your coffee just as good as it would when you are camping and not have to be concerned about trying to figure out how to work a coffee machine or even worse having it break on you after only a year and a day when it goes out of warranty.

What I Did Not Care For

I really did not like the lid on this percolator. While it does look like it would be a very tight fit, a lot of people have complained about the lid is very loose fitting and in some cases so loose it has come off while they were pouring a cup of coffee. This may not be an issue if your coffee in the percolator is already lower, but if you are pouring your first cup of coffee then you will have the issue of the coffee running all over the place and potentially getting your hand covered in boiling hot coffee.

My Final Thoughts On The Snow Peak Ultra Heavy Duty Percolator

Well, I have to say this is a product that for me personally I would give a pass to. I do not like the fact that the lid has been reported as being loose, but also do not think that a .7 mm thick stainless steel will last for the abuse that I tend to put camping gear through. So I would definitely have to say if you are not going to abuse the product, it could work for you, but for me the Snow Peak Ultra Heavy Duty Percolator is a pass.

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