Discover The Esbit Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 

Coffee is one of those items that I simply cannot live without and finding the right camping gear to help with the coffee making is going to be a challenge. When I look at all the different products on the market it is very difficult for me to find the right one that is going to work for my needs. This is why I decided to start to review all of the different products on the market that I could find that are meant for making coffee or tea. This is why I have decided to look at the Esbit Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. When you look at this it is going to be very easy for you to have a great time and make some amazing coffee that you have never had while you were camping before.With that being the case, it is time for us to start our review of this product to help you know if this is the one that will work for you or if you need to consider a different piece of camping gear.

Features Of The Esbit Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

  • When you are using a coffee maker over an open fire you will find that it can be difficult to control the amount of pressure that is going to be inside of the coffee maker. That is why this is one of the models that is going to come with a safety pressure relief valve. This will help keep the coffee maker from getting to much pressure built up into it and not really going to have any way to blow the pressure off.
  • A coffee filter is very important to have when you are making coffee and when you look at a lot of these coffee makers they are going to have a hard time in getting the coffee grounds filtered out. With this coffee maker, it is going to have a smaller filter that will allow you to get all the fine grounds out of the coffee that you are pouring out of the maker.
  • This is a coffee pot that is constructed out of the high-quality stainless steel that you would normally see in your regular kitchen appliances, but this is one that is made for the camping trips that you are planning on taking. So this makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the right feel for the coffee maker and know that it is going to work for your needs, but because this is made from the stainless steel that it is going to have a great product that will last you for several years to come.
  • The stand that you have here is going to make it easier for you to have the solid fuel in place for the coffee maker that you are going to use. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to get the product that is going to make it easier for you to have a flame to get the coffee brewing and makes it quite a bit easier for you to have the coffee made faster than what you imagined.
  • When you look at this coffee maker it will take and make a small amount of coffee as in it will only make a single cup of coffee at a time. So this is going to be a small amount of coffee and could easily be a major concern for some people as this will not make the amount of coffee they want to have to drink.

What I Like About This Coffee Maker

I like the fact this is a coffee maker that is stainless steel and it is going to keep a great look that you want to have for years to come. While you may think this is not really going to be that strong of a coffee maker, you need to realize this is made out of stainless steel and I know this is going to be attractive looking for a long period of time.

The fine filter that is something else that is very nice about this coffee maker. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten a drink of coffee and had to chew the coffee because the filter did not function properly and get all the grounds removed and this is definitely not something that I really want to continue to do because the grounds for my coffee are smaller and it is always the type that tends to get in between your teeth and stays there even after you brush your teeth and use floss. So I like the filter that is included with this coffee maker, which makes it easier to keep the grounds out of the drink.

Finally, I like the fact this is a coffee maker that is going to get the coffee done quickly. I know that I have used some percolators in the past that would take about fifteen to twenty minutes before they would start to percolate. However, this is a coffee maker that typically will have the coffee done in about five minutes.

What I Did Not Care For

I have to admit one issue I did have with this coffee maker is the fact it only makes a single cup. For me, this does not work out at all because when I have a single drink, it is usually the equivalent of five to six cups to fill up my coffee mug. So a single cup brewer means that I will end up getting it filled up and brewed several times before I am going to get the full cup of coffee that I want to have to start my day off right.

My Final Thoughts On The Esbit Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Okay, I have to say this is a coffee maker that really works great for some people. However, for me this is a coffee maker for camping that is a little bit on the smaller side. What I do like is the filter that is going to help keep the grounds out of the cup and in the maker, which is a nice feature. Overall, I would have to say if you are looking at this for a piece of camping gear for a family it will not work, but for a single person it might fit the bill as a coffee maker for camping.

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