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Great Camping Trips With Fall Weather

Fall CampingFall has come into the view for camping and for some this means the close of camping season. However, I have found that this also means it is a great time for camping because you will not have the heat of summer, like we talked about here, but you will also have the earlier nights which means your campfire is going to quickly become the only light that you are going to have. I know for me, I really love the fact that the camping trips are going to be packed during the day, but have a great evening for the fire. Here are some of the key points that you need to consider when you decide to go camping in the fall months. Without this, you are going to have some issues in surviving the fall camping trips.

Cooler Weather

As we mentioned, in fall you tend to get quite a bit more in the way of of cooler weather. While the afternoons are typically going to be warmer, in my area the high today was at 78 degrees, the evening hours can easily dip down into the upper 40s to low 50s, which makes it great for sleeping. So this means you are going to need to find some really warm sleeping bags to help keep you warm, but also will need to make sure you have plenty of fire starter available to use as well. This way you can easily get the warmth in your tent like you want from the winter sleeping bag, but if you go outside you can have the great feel of the outdoor air that is chilly and have the fire burning to knock the chill off ever so slightly.

Fall Colors

Autumn LeavesEveryone loves the color of the trees in the middle of fall. I know that I personally love the chance to go out and explore all of the different shades of color that is available. This makes for some great trail hiking when you will hear the fall leaves crunching under your boots, but it will also allow you to have some of the great looks and pictures to take as well. Without this, you could struggle to get the full feel for the fall season and in some cases not be able to enjoy the fall weather at all because you are missing out on the colors that are being seen all over the region.

Empty Campgrounds During Week

Empty CampgroundNow, I am sure not everyone that is reading this is a fan of mid week camping in the fall months because of school for their kids. However, I am fortunate enough that I homeschool my kids to get their education anywhere that I want them to have it. So camping in the middle of the week is a great option for me because my kids are not in school and they can easily go to the school at the campground. So I am able to enjoy the fact that the middle of the week tends to have a slightly emptier campground and be able to partake in all the campground has to offer without having to wait for any of the crowds to disperse to allow my kids or myself to get in line to do the action.

Camping in the fall is still possible, but a lot of people are starting to dispute the fact that camping is over with once fall comes. However, I have found that this is not the case. In fact, once I started to find out more about why the fall camping is the best options around, I started to see just why so many people enjoy camping in the middle of fall. Now, that I have shared this little bit of information with you, I am worried that you are going to want to go camping in the middle of fall as well. Hopefully, we do not head to the same campground, but if we do I look forward to just saying hello to you.

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