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Introducing The Dog Palace Breeze Solar Powered Exhaust Fan


While a dog exhaust fan may not seem like it would be a good solution for a camping fan, it actually makes a perfect solution. This is a fan that is meant for rugged use, which can be seen in the way some of the dog kennels that people have their dogs in are being set up, but also are meant for constant use. So this is a fan that you can rely upon when you are out camping you just will find that you need to explain to people why you are using a dog kennel exhaust fan for your campsite, instead of some of the other fans.  With that being said, you are probably wanting to get to the meat and potatoes of the post and that is the review.


Features Of The Dog Prairie Breeze Exhaust Fan

As you can tell this is a dog kennel exhaust fan is meant for a dog kennel, but that does not mean that it will not have an application in your camping adventures. With that being said, you will want to know about the features of this fan to guarantee that you are picking out the right fan for your camping adventure. Here is your features list that you will want to know about with this fan.

  • Used on a solar panel, which means you do not need to have electric for your campsite.
  • Can provide an indirect breeze inside of your tent, while mainly used for a dog kennel application, this is going to be important to know about because it will allow you to have to make an adjustment to the fan to meet your needs.
  • Has vents that you can close if you need to for rain, but also allow for passive air flow.

Pros Of The Prairie Breeze Exhaust Fan

  • Can move quite a bit of air when it has access to full sun for the solar panels. Without that, the fan can have a difficult time in getting the air to move properly.
  • The fan has vents that you can close and open when you are trying to get the colder air out or if it starts to rain into the tent while you are using the fan.
  • Adaptability with this fan is something else. When I was researching this fan as a solar powered fan for camping option, I found that multiple people have used these for more than what it is supposed to be doing.
  • Low voltage is something else that you are going to really enjoy with this fan. When you are able to see this option, it will be easy for you to get the fan and know you do not have to be as concerned about electrocution like you would with some of the other fans.
  • Durable construction is something else that you are going to like with this fan.

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Cons Of The Exhaust Fan

  • Does not have a guard over the blades, which means you could easily get your hands caught in the blades if you are not careful.
  • When the sun goes in, do not expect to get any type of action from the fan as it is going to rely completely on the sun, which means you will have problems getting the fan to work in shady conditions, which means your tent will need to be in full sun.
  • Needs to be adapted to the tent, which can take some ingenuity, but when it is adapted and has the proper amount of sun the tent will be well ventilated.

Price Options

When I was looking around the Internet for this fan, I did find it is available on several different websites, which are interesting and for the most part related to the dog niche. So it is a specialized fan when you are looking on those websites and anyone who has looked for a specialized product on the Internet knows for certain that this drives the price outrageously high. However, I quickly found that Amazon, does have the lowest price on the market for this fan so far. So go ahead and click below to see what the price is.

Our Final Thoughts

Fans are not a dime a dozen and they will have a lot of different pluses and minuses that will make you really scratch your head. However, when you are camping you will quickly find that your option in the way of fans is very limited and sometimes can be so limiting that you can do nothing more than find a fan that is going to be adapted to your needs. One of these fans is the Prairie Breeze Dog Kennel exhaust fan. As you can tell by this review this is a fan that works great if you have plenty of sun, but if the sun goes in the fan stops working. However, the big catch that you will find is you are going to have to adapt this fan to your tent, camper, or campsite to keep the breeze coming and avoid getting hurt with the blades.

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