FiveJoy Instant 3 Person 3 Season Dome Tent





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Discover The Fivejoy Instant 3 Person Tent

Thinking about going camping for the first time? Try FiveJoy INSTANT tent! With its Mortise and Tenon Joint design, you can set up and tear down the tent in just seconds: Pull to setup, push to tear down.

Looking for low-weight, weather-worthy tent?

High-strength pole architecture, light, durable, water resistant and breathable materials, fully seam taped rainfly and floor, fully sealable interior, and roomy floor plan combine to offer 3-season shelter for 3 campers.

Would like to have a pergola in your backyard, or on the beach, or in the park to protect yourself from direct sun exposure?

The outer tent (rainfly) can be separated from the inner tent and be used as pergola!

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Features Of The Fivejoy Instant Tent

  • This is a tent that hs the proper space to hold up to 3 people. This does not mention if it is adults or a combination of the 2. However, what it does tell you is that this is a product that will have plenty of space for everyone to camp in and know they are going to enjoy.
  • The tent has a couple of doors that are going to allow you to have plenty of room for you to use. This will make it easier for you to have an escape route if you need it, but also makes it easier for you to get the cross flow of air if you want to have it available.
  • The Fivejoy tent is made from breathable polyester materials. This will help to keep the tent cooler, but it will also make it harder for the tent to remain completely dry as the breathable material can cause some issues over time.

Our Final Take

Camping is a great way to get out and enjoy yourself and nature. However, what you need to realize is camping often means you will have to get the right gear. For a small family of three this is a great tent. It has all that you need to stay comfortable, but also has some of the strong poles you need to keep yourself dry in the middle of the night. This does have a nice protection as well because it is water resistant materials and even better the tent is going to breath. So you will not have to worry about sweating all night long. Overall, we would have to say this is a decent tent, but only if you are able to keep the rain fly with it and your family is small that you are camping with or you could easily end up with way to many people in the tent.

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