Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows and a Carrying Bag for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking





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Discover The Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

When you are looking for a great sleeping bag that is more of a double, then you will want to find the Ohuhu. This is a sleeping bag that is going to provide you with the comfort you want to have, but also the warmth as well. What is even better is this is a sleeping bag you will be able to unzip and make into two separate bags or have it left together for a giant sleeping bag that will help you out in keeping the bag comfortable for the entire night.

Features Of The Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

This is a sleeping bag that has the great 2 in 1 feature that a lot of people have always been looking for. What this means is the sleeping bag can be used as a single sleeping bag that is huge or a pair of smaller bags for two people to enjoy. When the bags are zipped together they are a larger bag and this makes it easier for people to sleep in it as a couple.

In addition to the sleeping bag you are going to get the carry bag that is nice for the sleeping bag and helps you move it around. You will also get a couple of pillows that are meant for the sleeping bag as well. The downside is you have to watch the sleeping bag pillows because they tend to be a little bit on the smaller side.

The temperature rating of the sleeping bag is actually pretty good as it has a comfort rating to 23 degrees. So you will be able to stay comfortable at that temperature, but you need to realize you need to make sure you have the proper items with you to help withstand those temperatures or no matter what the sleeping bag will get cold.

Is This Sleeping Bag Water Resistant? 

That is a great feature if you are looking for a nice sleeping bag and that is the fact it is water resistant. Now this does not mean you should test it out all the time if you need to, bt you can rest easier knowing your sleeping bag is not going to leave you getting soaking wet in the middle of the night.

Can You Sleep Two In This Sleeping Bag?

This is the great thing that you will like and that is the fact this is a sleeping bag that will sleep two people. With this sleeping bag being able to sleep two, it means that you can finally go camping with your significant other and share a bag with them. However, it also can be unzipped into two separate sleeping bags if you have some problems sleeping in the same sleeping bag.

When It Is A Double Bag Are Their Zippers On Both Sides?

When you have a double sleeping bag a lot of them only have a zipper on the one side, which means you are forced to climb over the other person to get out if you are on the inner side. However, this sleeping bag has taken and solved that issue as they have a zipper on each side of the sleeping bag. So it will be easier for you to get out of the bag without bugging the other person who is in the sleeping bag.

Who Would Do Good With This Sleeping Bag?

This is a sleeping bag that would be great for a couple that is going to go camping. When you look at the camping bag you will find that it is going to have plenty of room for a couple, but if you want to have a great sleeping bag that can be used for smaller bags then this could be the bag for you. However, it is a bag that will help you have a lot of the comforts that you want if the weather gets cold if you use it as a large single bag.

Who Would Not Like This Sleeping Bag?

The Ohuhu sleeping bag is not really going to be that good of a bag for hiking. While the bag does have a sack to carry it in, it is going to be a bag that is going to take up quite a bit of room in your backpack. That is because it is a double sleeping bag and anything that is a double is larger than what you would expect. So it would definitely not work for people who do not want to have a heavy or large item in their backpack for hiking.

Our Final Thoughts On The Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

When you want to have a sleeping bag to sleep in with your significant other then you have found the bag. We really like the fact this is a sleeping bag that is large enough for two, but can be made into two smaller bags as well. Overall this is a great sleeping bag from a company that is not well known, but that does not mean the quality is that bad. In fact, we found this bag to be among the best for quality and comfort. Great bag for a person who wants a large bag or a couple who wants to share a sleeping bag.


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