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Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD - The Best High Performance Battery Bank For Traveling - Table Top Review


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With the advancements in modern electronics and communications electric power is key at any time. However, when you go camping it is very possible that your camping site may not have any electric sources available. To avoid that bringing your own power bank is key to having power on hand when you need it. With all the selection on the market, though, it is very difficult to pick out the best power bank to bring with you. To help with that selection we have decided to perform a Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Power Bank review to let you know more about the portable power bank.

Features Of The Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD

  • Lightweight compact design makes it easy to travel with.
  • Is airline friendly, but please double check before bringing it.
  • Utilizes USB-C power delivery technology.
  • Has several ways to charge.
  • Provides power at a variable rate to make charging easier.
Own Your Own Power Bank
Never go without power again while camping.

Provides A Wide Variety Of Charging Options

With some of the power banks on the market I have found that they allow USB charging or just a regular plug charging However, the Goal Zero Sherpa here allows for USB charging only for the most part, but it does have 2 of the USB ports to charge several items at once. Now, what else is great about the Sherpa is the fact that it has the Wireless Qi compatibility which makes it easier for the charging to take place.

Now, while this is mainly meant for your portable devices like a phone or tablet it has been used in the past to charge laptops. If you are using it to charge a laptop you need to make sure it has the proper cord to charge and that the amperage output from the power bank is enough to keep your laptop charged and working properly.

When you are looking at the charging capability of this power bank you need to realize the voltage can vary. However, it can go down to the lowest point of 5 volts, but it does reach a maximum charging output of 20 volts. That does help make it easier for you to get all of your devices charged quickly.

Can Charge For A Long Period Of Time

As you can imagine the charging team for any type of portable power bank will vary. However, the main impact is how fully charged the power bank is before you start to use it. On a full charge the Goal Zero is one that is capable of charging your phone or tablet. This will make it easier for you to go camping and not have to be concerned about your devices going dead on you when you are away from a power source to charge them.

Does The Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Have Wireless Charging

As mentioned in the charging options the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD power bank does have a wireless charging option. This option uses the Wireless Qi compatibility. The downside is not all devices are set up to charge like this so you could have some issues with the device not charging because of the lack of compatibility from your device. It is important to make sure you double check which type of wireless compatibility your device has or you could buy this and be disappointed when you do have to bring along a cord on your camping trip.

Own Your Own Power Bank
Never go without power again while camping.

Charging Time Is Quick

With the charging time, I am not talking about the devices that you would have plugged into the power bank. Instead, I am talking about how quickly the power bank is able to recharge itself. Now, a key thing to know is the type of charging method for the power bank as it does impact the speed which the bank charges.

The primary method that people will think about using for charging the power bank is the USB-C PD cord which will completely recharge the power bank in a little bit over 2.5 hours. Unlike what you would think the wall charger is going to take around 3 hours. The charging can be done with a USB-A cable as well and that can take over 9 hours. If you want to camp and do not have any access to electric the solar panels can be used to charge the power bank, but it will take quite a long time with it taking 6 hours to 28 hours before it is fully charged.

Compact Size Works Great

If you are old enough you may remember what was considered to be a portable power bank that would weigh about 45 pounds and be the size of a desk. However, that is not the case anymore as the Goal Zero Sherpa is one that has shrunk down in size and fits perfectly in your camping gear. I would recommend if you are getting the power bank and plan on putting in your backpack make sure you have a case for it to prevent damage.

Whats In The Box

As you can imagine unboxing anything can be a treat, but if you know what is supposed to be in the box it makes it even better. The main thing inside of the box that you are going to get is the power bank. However, inside of the box you will also have a 39 inch USB to USB-C connector cable.

Own Your Own Power Bank
Never go without power again while camping.

Additional Accessories Available

Okay, additional accessories is a fairly loaded question as you can find several different items that can be used with the power bank. The main accessories I would definitely recommend would be spare cords for your devices. This serves a dual purpose as it gives you extra charging cords for your devices, but also ones that can be used on the power bank.

The other main accessory that you may want to consider could be the solar charging panels we talked about earlier. These can help you charge the power bank in the remote camping spots. At the same time, though, make sure you get the proper solar panels for the power bank to avoid causing any issues with the charging.

Pros And Cons

  • The power bank has enough power to charge your devices.
  • The variable voltage makes it easier to get the speed adjusted on the charging.
  • Can be recharged through a variety of methods.
  • Has 2 ports available to make charging easy.
  • Wireless charging is possible with the power bank.
  • Does not have a truly defined charging time before going dead.
  • The wireless charging is using only Qi technology.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Power Bank

199.99 199.99
Price is subject to change, but current as of 2/14/22.
11557 days left
Never run short on power or have a dead phone while camping with a portable power bank.

What Others Are Saying

Okay. Now, it is important to know more about what other users are saying as well about any product. To help out we are including a couple of different comments from other people.

Heyjb from Amazon has this negative to say about the product, ”wireless charge very inefficient”. Now, I have to say in my own experience with wireless charging no matter what the experts say it tends to be horrible and not very good at charging.

Manuel, also from Amazon has this to say, ”use it during a full weekend in a camping”. This is a great idea because he did mention it was used for 2 phones, headlamps, a tablet and even powered a table lamp at times. So this provides plenty of power to do the job.

Our Final Thoughts On The Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Power Bank

Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature, but for a lot of people they cannot divorce themselves from their electronics. With that being the case, it is not always possible to have an electric camping site. To avoid your devices going dead, then I would say a portable power bank is a great option. With that being the case, the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD power bank is one that can provide enough power, but also easily recharges to keep your devices powered up while camping. Overall, I would recommend this product when you are camping or backpacking to avoid your devices going dead.

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