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Goal Zero Torch 250


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Camping does not always mean you are going to have the best lighting or even power available. What is even worse is your typical flashlight anymore relies on battery power and it never fails that the batteries go dead when you are in the middle of nowhere. That is why we decided it was time to check out a different type of light. The light we opted for in this article is the Goal Zero Torch 250 Solar and Crank Flashlight. Yes, you read that right this is a light that is going to use solar power or hand crank power, which helps to guarantee you do not run out of battery power for your flashlight.

Features of the Goal Zero Torch 250

  • Easy to charge with USB port, solar power or hand crank.
  • The USB port can be used for charging other items as well.
  • Different light settings make it easy for you to conserve the battery power.
  • On the lowest level the flashlight will run for close to 48 hours.

What I Like With The Goal Zero Torch 250

Easy To Charge Using 3 Different Methods

One of the biggest draws to the Goal Zero light is the fact that it has 3 different methods for charging. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the light charged to a usable level. A couple of the methods do not really rely on any outside power source either except the sun or your hand power. The downside is the solar power option can take a really long time for it to properly charge and this can be a drawback for some people.

Good Ratio Of Cranking Time To Charging

The cranking to actual charging time is going to be fairly good. I know some people will argue that cranking for a minute should produce more power, but if you think about it the time that it takes you to do the cranking to the battery charging it is actually quite a bit higher than you expect. With the ratio working out to every minute of cranking you are going to get 2 minutes of battery time. This definitely makes it easier for you to get a flashlight for a limited time and know you have a battery that was dead alive long enough for you to get to see what you are looking for.

Low Light Option Makes It Easier To Run For Up To 48 Hours

With most flashlights you do have the option to adjust the light setting. Well, for a flashlight that is battery operated or even meant for more of a use for a charge with different powers, then you are going to love the different light options. With this light it is going to be very easy for you to have the light adjusted to what you need to have it set to. When you have the light set to the highest option it can last for a couple of hours, but if you have the Goal Zero Torch 250 set to the lowest setting it can last up to 48 hours.

USB Port Makes It Easy To Charge Or Charge Other Items

I have to say that one thing that I neverreally thought about before is using my flashlight to get my phone charged. However, what is really cool about this flashlight is the fact that it allows you to do just that. The light, though, mainly has the USB port for it to be charged from something like your car or even an electric plug. This definitely makes it quite a bit easier to charge the light. With the option of getting the other items charged up, though, it definitely makes it rather easy for you to get the other items charged.

Has Red Emergency Light If Needed

Sometimes you can get hurt or have another type of emergency that comes up. Well, the common type of light that is used to let rescuers know that you need to have some help is a red flashing beacon light. This type of light is one that this light has with it. Now, the red light brightness does not vary with the other types that you can find, but it does make it fairly easy for you to have an emergency light that can be used and not really have to worry about it going dead with the crank.

What I Do Not Like With The Goal Zero Torch 250

Solar Charging Can Take Really Long

One major drawback that I have seen people talking about is the fact that the solar charging with this light can take a really long time. Some people have reported that it can take up to 6 days for the charger to reach the first level on the battery charge. So this could be concerning, but it is not the kill all for the light as it does have the hand crank and the USB plugin to charge. If you are away from the light and leave it charging and are not in a hurry, then this could be a great option for you to choose.

What Others Are Saying

One review on Amazon said, this about the light. “able to charge a cell phone from about empty to full about twice before needing charged again”. This is actually quite impressive and really can come in handy if you are out in the woods and looking to charge your phone.

RL from Amazon even said this about the flash light, “LED spot modes throw blinding beams great distances”. While this does sound nice, it also means the chances of you using a lot more battery will be quite a bit higher than what you may be expecting.

My Final Thoughts On The Goal Zero Torch 250

While camping I know that you may not always have access to batteries or electric for lights. When this is the case you tend to rely on flashlights to get everything lit up so you can see. With that being the case you need to realize a great option is a solar power or hand crank light. This light is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have the emergency lighting you need and know it will stay lit for at least 2 minutes for a minute of cranking. Overall, if you do not mind cranking to get your light then this light is not that bad of an option. If you are looking at more along the lines of a light that is charged by solar power, then you may want to consider another light. Even with the harder solar charging you will find that for a crank light the Goal Zero Torch 250 is not that bad of an option.

How Long Will The Goal Zero Torch 250 Hold Its Charge?

The flashlight does not have a true rating in the information anywhere, but it does mention on the USB charging able that it needs to be charged once every 3 months.

How Long Does The Solar Charging Take For The Goal Zero Torch 250?

The solar charging does take a very long time to reach charging levels that you would want to be usable. Some people have reported it being charging for over a week without it getting past the first level of the battery charge.

Can The USB Cable Be Used To Charge Phones For The Goal Zero Torch 250?

Yes, it can be used to charge cell phones, but the chance of the battery being able to fully charge a cell phone I would doubt.

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