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GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip Camping Coffee Maker Review

Finding a camping coffee maker is a challenge because all the coffee makers you find usually will require some type of electric for them to work. However, this may not be something you have available at some of the camping sites you are going to be staying at. This is very true if you are taking a backcountry type of trip that has you bringing everything, including your food, with you in a backpack. This makes it even harder for you to get coffee because everything has to be brought with you. That is why we have decided to cover one of the coffee makers you can use while you are camping and even if you are on the backcountry trails. That is nothing other than the GSI Outdoors collapsible java drip camping coffee maker, which will make it very easy for you to get the coffee made like you want to have it made.

Features Of The Drip Coffee Maker For Camping

  • This is a dripper that will be easier for you to hold up to a number 4 filter. This will make it easier for you to have enough coffee in the filter to make about 12 cups of coffee before you are going to need to replace the coffee. What else is nice is the coffee filters this machine uses are going to be very easy for you to find in almost all of the stores you are going to be shopping at.
  • While this is made from silicone you will like the fact this is going to collapse down. When you notice that it does collapse down it will be nearly flat, which will make it easier for you to get into the backpack, but also to store in your camper or tent. It is important that you know or label the bag you are holding this in because it will collapse down very small and can easily get lost in the shuffle of your gear if you do not remember what it is.
  • With a lot of the drip over coffee makers that are going to fit on a cup, the cups tend to be a little bit off balance because the drip filter is not in the middle of the cups. This is a maker that the filter is actually going to be in the middle of the cup and it is designed to have the plastic part that is meant to fit over the cups to fit over very snugly and this will make it easier for you to have a coffee mug that will be having the coffee drip directly into it.
  • The weight of anything when you are camping is very important to take into consideration, in fact when you are hiking, you do not realize the difference an ounce can make until you are five days into your hike. With this coffee maker, it is actually very light as it is going to come in at just under five ounces, which is going to make it very easy for you to have it stuffed down into your backpack and know it will be working for what you need to have, rather than having a product that weight close to the one or two pound mark that is going to be heavier than what you want to pack in and out with you.

What I Like About The Camping Coffee Maker

Well, I like the fact this is going to fit tightly across the opening of the mugs or cups that you are planning on using while you are camping. This is going to make it easier for you to have a coffee maker that is not going to leak all over the place but also going to allow you to have a product that will allow you to have coffee in your cup, instead of all over the place because of the leaks around the lid.

I enjoy the fact this is made of high-quality silicone that is collapsible. This is going to make it easier for you to have a product that is going to work for your needs for several years to come, but because it is made of silicone it allows for the flexibility you would want to have. Not to mention the quality of this silicone will allow it to last for a longer period of time than what you would expect.

I love the fact this is one of the few drip-style coffee makers for camping that actually have the filter spout in the middle of the part that attaches to your mugs. This allows you to have a cup of coffee that will not start to get heavy on one side or the other, but allow all the weight of the water and the coffee grounds to be transferred down to the base of the cup dead-on instead of having an axial type of weight.

What I Did Not Care For

Okay, well, I have to say that I did find a big thing that I did not really care for with this product. The main thing that I did not care for, but I like as well, is the fact this is made of silicone. Yes, the silicone will work great and it does have a tendency to last for a long period of time it will start to leak over time. This is going to be a problem and can easily lead to problems as you are getting the coffee starting to leak out the sides. The problem can be reduced by proper care for the silicone, but it can tear as it gets older.

My Final Thoughts On The GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip

Well, I have to say this is a java drip that is going to have the drip style coffee that will remind you of home. However, the coffee you are making will be made for your individual cups, which you need to be mindful of or you could easily brew your coffee very strong. So you do need to be mindful of this, but the lid is large enough that it can fit over multiple things you may want to use. Overall, I have to say if you are looking for a drip coffee maker for camping or hiking this could be the solution you were asking for.

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