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Discover The Drip Over Coffee Maker – GSI Outdoors JavaDrip

Drip over coffee is something that has really made a huge fade, but when camping you need to find a drip over coffee maker that is meant for camping.  That is why we have found some of the best products you can use for camping and know that you are going to have confidence when you are using this product. However, unlike what you would be able to find with some of the coffee percolators, you may notice the drip over coffee makers are not as nearly numerous and this is going to make it easier for you to have your choice made, but you still want to get a good product. With this being the case, we have decided to do a GSI Outdoors JavaDrip review today so you know if this is going to work for you to have a great item.

Features Of The GSI Outdoors JavaDrip

  • The cone for this is made out of silicone, which is going to make it durable for you, but it will also work decently with the hot water. You just have to make sure you know about this as having a great chance of the silicone starting to get hot and start to get flexible at times. This is when you should know this is a great product that is going to get flexible at times if it gets too hot.
  • Inside of the silicone cone, you will find the drip system does come with a mesh filter. This is going to be a filter that is going to be reusable and it will make it easier for you still as you can clean this filter and it is actually very easy to clean compared to some of the other filters you may have started to work on before.
  • What is really amazing is this is a product that is going to come with a ballistic cloth that is insulated to wrap around the cup. This is going to make it easier for you to get the protection you want to have on the cup but also going to have something that will allow you to keep the cup warmer for a long period of time.
  • Has a carafe that is going to be able to fit perfectly into the cozy that we have mentioned above, but it will also be a carafe you are going to like because it is going to work perfectly for what you need to have and what is even better is the fact this is an item that is not going to be stocked full of the BPA crap that you are going to want to avoid getting involved with.
  • A final feature you will enjoy is the lid. Yes, it is odd to mention the lid in a post like this, but the lid is one of those items you are going to fall in love with because it is double insulated and it is meant to help you out in getting the proper insulation you need to have to keep the coffee or other hot drink you have inside of the carafe warm.

What Did I Like With This Coffee Drip Product

Okay, I like the fact that this is a coffee drip maker that you can use while you are camping. I know that this is not that common of an item and a lot of times because of the way you are going to be camping it is usually not even thought of as being used. So, I have to say I like the fact this is an item that is durable and can be used for this purpose to keep the coffee being made while camping.

When I looked at the carafe I have to say the other aspect that I really liked was the fact this is an item that is going to be able to be used without having to worry about any type of BPA issues. This may seem a little odd to some people, but I have to say this is definitely something that I have never really thought about when making coffee on the go and now that I am thinking about it I always make sure my water bottles are BPA free so why not get the coffee maker that I am going to take camping, out in nature, to make my coffee.

Now, what else I like about this carafe for the drip over coffee maker here is the fact that it is shatterproof. You may think that I am being a little on the crazy side with that, but you need to realize when you are camping you will find the chance of your items getting knocked off of the table or even the log is real and can happen in the blink of an eye. With this product, the carafe is shatterproof which will make it nice for you to have the item because you do not have to worry about it breaking all the time.

What I Did Not Like

Now, I have to say one of the things that I did not really care for with this is the fact that it can tip over. Yes, I know this is not so much the products problem as mine, but when it tips over it means I tend to lose some of my coffee and this is easily one of the worst things to have happen to me. So I really do not like the fact it can tip over on me and make it impossible for me to get the coffee made.

The other aspect that I do not really care for is the fact this is a product that is made of silicone where the hot water has to be poured. Now, I know from experience when it gets really hot, unless it is super thick silicone it starts to get flexible. I had a funnel set that did that and the top started to bend in on me. Not saying this will happen here, but I am saying you have to use caution with how hot the water is you are using.

My Final Thoughts On The GSI Outdoors JavaDrip

Now, I have to say I really like the concept behind this because it allows you to have a coffee drip while camping. However, the one thing that I do not really care for is the silicone, but also the fact that the way the filter and the funnel type system will go on the top it can easily make this top heavy. Overall, this is a great drip over coffee maker that you can use while camping and know it is a portable way to make your coffee.

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