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Find Out About The Guide Gear 4 Person Speed Dome Tent

Guide Gear is a company that has had some of the cutting edge tents that we have talked about in the past. Like the Teepee tents, but also the truck tents that we have really liked and enjoyed. Now we are talking about the Guide Gear 4 person speed dome tent. The dome tent is one of the types of tents that a lot of the other companies have produced and this will make it a little bit easier for you to learn about the tents that are present and know if this tent stands out from the rest of them or not.

Features Of The Guide Gear 4 Person Speed Dome Tent

The tent is made from the 190T polyester material for the tent itself. However, the outside of the tent is going to be taken a step further and waterproofed with a 600mm polyurethane treatment. The coating is not as thick as some of the other tents that Guide Gear offers, but any type of protective coating will help keep the elements out and the tent protected from what you are dealing with.

With the walls they do have some polyester type of mesh that will make it easier for you to keep the tent well ventilated. What else is nice about these walls is the fact they are going to be small enough that you do not have to be concerned about the tent allowing the bugs that you are trying to avoid in the tent. This in turn allows you to enjoy your camping trip even more than what you imagined.

This is a tent that you are able to put up quickly. By getting the tent up so quickly you will not have to be concerned about the weather catching up with you, but also do not have to be worried about the bugs getting at you either if you are getting to the campground later in the evening.

How Many People Does This Tent Sleep?

This is a tent that measures about 9 foot by 7 foot with a height of 4.5 foot. This is the size of a bedroom in a mobile home for the most part. With that being the case the tent claims that it will be able to sleep 4 people, but it does not really mention if these people are adults or a family. Our guess is if you want to have some comfortable sleeping then you may want to consider a different tent because if you are like me a queen sized bed is cramped so I could hardly image 4 adults sleeping in a room.

Does The Tent Have A Rain Fly Or Not?

While we could not find anything directly in the information stating they do have a rain fly we did find information that the tent does have a removable sealed fly that you can use for protection. However, it was not mentioned if this was a rain fly directly or not even with all the information that we could find or even on the manufacturers site could we find the information we needed to fully answer the question here.

What Style Of Door Is On The Tent? 

The style of door that is on the tent is the D-Style tent that you are going to like. However, at the same time you will not like the tent if you do not like these doors. I know that I personally prefer a different style door, but that is because it never fails that my kids find it funny as can be to throw the D style back in my face after they have come out of the tent and I am trying to get out.

Who Is This Tent Best For? 

With the Guide Gear dome tent you will find that it is going to be mainly for people that are going to want to get a tent set up quickly, but also have the protection for a family. That is because the average family is 4 people. So this will make it easier for everyone in the family to have a place to sleep and a nice decent protection to help them be safe.

Who Would Not Like The Tent

This is a tent that is a little heavy if you are planning on hiking with it, but it is also a tent that could be a little bit harder for people to enjoy if they are looking at the tent as a party place. That is because the tent is the size of a small bedroom and it is supposed to sleep 4 people. The only major issue that you would have is a lack of space with the tent.

Our Final Thoughts On The Guide Gear Dome Tent 

Guide Gear is a company that we tend to like because they have good gear. This tent is a decent piece of gear that you can use for camping, but you will find that some of the other brands of tents may end up working better for your camping needs. However, if you want a good quality tent then you will like the Guide Gear tent because it will allow you to have a great tent that you can use for shelter, but also keep your family comfortable in.

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