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Discover The Simple Coghlan’s Tube Tent 

Sometimes you will find that not all of the tents are meant to be taken camping and will provide you with the basic shelter that you need to survive. One of those tents is the Coghlan’s Tube Tent that we are going to be talking about today. This is a tent that is one of those you will enjoy because it is going to provide you with the basic shelter and for a lot of survivalist it will be a perfect type of bug out tent as it is low in price and is very basic. So basic in fact, that our review is going to be extremely short of the tent because it is very straightforward in how it is going to function.

Features Of The Coghlans Tube Tent 

This is a tent that is fire retardant and it will make it easier for you to have a great tent that will not have any type of damage to it from the flames of a campfire, but please note this is not fire resistant so it will burn or melt if exposed to the flames to long.

The tent itself is made from 2.5ml Polyethylene, which is not as thick as what you would expect. However, this is meant to be used in emergencies more than as a permanent tent and that can make it very difficult for you to get the protection you need over the long term as this thinness means it is a little bit easier for you to tear on accident.

Is The Tent Open On Both Ends? 

This is a major drawback to this tent, even in a survival type of situation and that is the fact it is open on both ends. With this being open on both ends it means that you can have rain blowing into the tent and this can make it impossible for you to stay dry. Not to mention the tent does not have any type of rain fly to help keep water away from you.

Who Is The Coghlan’s Tube Tent Best For? 

The tent is one you will find will work best for people that want to have a tent to use in an emergency or for a short term solution. A good example is the survivalist who want to have a quick and small shelter to put into their bug out bags, but also people who are on a motorcycle that may end up getting stranded overnight.

Who Would Not Like The Coghlan’s Tube Tent? 

People that would not like this tent are going to be the campers that want to get out, stay dry, and have a comfortable and protected place to sleep. This is not a tent that will allow you to stay dry if it is raining that well, but also will not really be a place that you would feel well protected in either if you are camping in it for any extended period of time.

Our Final Thoughts On The Coghlan’s Tube Tent

This is a tent that has some of the great shelter features you would want to have in a tent, but at the same time has some of the problems that you would not want to have. This is a great tent for an emergency situation, but that is all that we would recommend this tent really for as it is not really meant for anything outside of that in our opinion.

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