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Guide Gear Bivy Tent A Full Review

Guide Gear is the company that we have been covering quite a bit lately. However, it is also a company that we have really liked because they do have a wide range of gear that you can use for camping. The key thing is finding the perfect piece of gear for your needs. We know that is the challenge and that is why we have decided it was time to start to review even more of the gear they have available. In this article we will cover the Guide Gear Bivy tent in a full review so you know what you are getting.

Features Of The Guide Gear Bivy Tent

The length of the tent is a feature you will really like in addition with the light weight. The tent comes in at a good 4.5 pounds, so light enough for hiking. However, the length is the shocker as the tent is 7.5 feet long and it will make it easier for you to have a great tent that unless you are Shaquille O’Neal will fit you comfortably and allow you to stretch out and even have some room for your gear inside of the tent to keep it dry if it rains.

The walls of the tent are made from the 190T Polyester. This is a high enough grade Polyester that you will be able to keep the tent in good condition for you for years to come. However, you will find that the tent is also treated with polyurethan on the outside to help seal it from the rain, which helps keep you dry.

A rain fly is also included with the tent as a great addition as well. So you will like the fact that you can see this tent and not really have to worry about getting soaking wet while you are camping because you have a rain fly and the tent has been treated to help keep you dry.

How Many People Can This Tent Hold?

This is a bivy tent, so you need to realize it is very small and that can make it very difficult for you to fit your entire family in the tent. In fact, this is a tent that because of the design of it is meant to sleep one person. If you want you could probably squeeze two people in the tent, but it would be extremely uncomfortable, think about sharing a single bed with your spouse type of comfort level to give you a really good idea of how uncomfortable it would be.

What Kind Of Ventilation Is Available For The Tent? 

Face it sleeping in a tent, especially a smaller one is going to get warm and if you are not careful can lead to you getting to hot while you are sleeping. So you will like the fact this is a tent that has mesh roof panels that will help you with the ventilation issues you are going to have. It is important that if you suspect any type of rain that you have  the rain fly on or you could end up getting wet from the rain with the mesh roof.

How Many Poles Does This Tent Use?

When you look at a lot of the tents that are on the market you will notice they tend to use several poles to make them rigid and hold shape. However, this is a tent that is going to use only 2 shock poles. So you will have an easier time in getting the tent set up and ready to use, but also with only two poles it will make it quite a bit easier for you to get it stored into your backpack if you are hiking.

Who Would Like The Bivy Tent The Best

Single people and hikers will really like this tent. The single people because it will be a tent that will fit them perfectly and not create a huge footprint that will make it impossible for people to get around. Hikers will like the tent because it is easily compacted down to a size they are able to move around with and with the weight being just over 4 pounds it will be very easy for people to have a great time hiking and not have to worry about the weight of the tent being overly heavy for them.

Who Would Not Like The Tent

Families need to realize this is not a tent for them. Also people who are going to want to have more room than just a tube like tent would not like the tent either. While the tent is great, it will be cramped for some people and that can make it very uncomfortable for them to use and know they are going to have an easy time in getting situated in the tent.

Our Final Thoughts On The Guide Gear Bivy Tent

This is a tent that is meant to meet the basic needs of people, shelter. The tent with the rain fly provides the perfect amount of shelter and with it being light it makes it easier for people to get their things on the go. Overall, this is a great tent for hikers, but if you are planning on camping in the campground for a week, then the tent may not suit you as it does not have much space inside of it.

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