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Camping Can Lead To Hiking

Camping Can Lead To Hiking
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Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature, but the best part with camping is the chance to go out on the trails and hike. I know for myself, hiking allows me to get out into the woods and see parts of nature that you normally would get to see. However, if you are like me when you first go camping, hiking may seem like it is a little bit on the foreign side because camping in my imagination as I mentioned in the previous post on camping, was related to the cabins that I was told was camping and roughing it. Now a lot of people tend to think it is setting up their recreational vehicle and then sitting outside around the campfire at night and talking to old and new friends.  However, I quickly found that their is a lot more to camping and here is one of the benefits I have found with going camping in the middle of the woods.

Reconnection With Nature

Yes, camping is going to allow you to get back into nature by being in the woods. However, if you are at any campground, unless it is the middle of winter and completely empty, you will find it is nearly impossible to sit down and hear the birds singing or even see squirrels running around. The reason for this is the campgrounds tend to be so crowded and busy that it is impossible to get anywhere in the campground without running into someone. That coupled with the fact that kids, who I love having outdoors, are running around screaming while going to the playground. That makes it hard to see or hear anything with nature because they know the campground is full of people and tend to head away from the hustle and bustle.

Reconnect with Nature
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When you decide to go back out into the woods with the hiking, though, you are getting away from the crowds that are around the campground. By wondering away from the crowded campground, you will start to get the silence that you want and that nature desires to guarantee that you are able to hear the sounds of the birds. However, you will find this can be very easy to get at times by just getting a simple sound and glimpse of the animals that are running around the woods.


Okay, I hate to say it, but when we are camping we tend to sit down at the campfire and keep the fire going all day. Outside of gathering some wood, we almost always are going to sit down and not do a thing. However, when you decide to go hiking you are going to find, like I did, that it is going to be quite a bit of exercise. The best part is this exercise is going to be very rewarding on multiple levels and each one of these will be covered in just a second. A key point is you need to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise or you could end up needing a stretcher to carry you out of the trail.

HikingCardiovascular workout is the first type of exercise you are going to enjoy. Now you may think this is not an issue, but you need to realize the hiking is typically a lot more intensive than what you would encounter by walking down the road or on a paved trail. The cardiovascular workout you get is going to be intense because you will be on what could be a dirt or gravel. You will have to climb over tree roots, keep your balance, go up hill and back down hill, but also keep your balance. All of this is going to keep your heart working and pounding.

Muscle workouts is another way that you will get some serious exercise. I know that the trails that are in the campgrounds that I have been to are maintained, but the extent of the maintenance can be questionable at times. Since this is the case, you will find, much like I have, that the muscle groups from your core groups to the legs are going to get a complete workout. I know this is going to hold true for any of the trails that you go on unless the trail is paved. That brings up the point about the paved trails, which can create a problem for you because depending on the pavement type it can easily lead to your legs having an impact on your knees.

Camping A Great Way To Lead To Hiking

Hiking is easily one of those things that you can do at any point in time. However, what you need to realize is camping is going to be a great gateway for you to go hiking. When you are camping you will often be at a campground that has trails nearby. These trails may be rougher than what you are expecting, but it can also be a great way for you to get out and enjoy nature without the hustle and bustle that is present in the campground. You just have to make sure you are ready to have some exercise and know the exercise can easily be intense or easy. The best part is the hiking that you are doing is going to be well worth it as only a few people will take advantage of the wonderful trails and nature that is going to be well worth the views that you get and the beauty that you see.




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