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A campfire is one of the best memories for people who are camping. Often this is true more than what people want to admit, but the camp fire are often the feature that will provide the romanticism that we all share when camping. However, what I had to realize is their is so much more to camping than just the romantic type of campfires that we all take into account. In fact, I never really did go camping a lot as a child, but I am making up for this now. With that being the case, I decided to share my camping experience.

When I was younger, I always thought camping was for adults because that is all I would see at the campgrounds, what is even worse it was always the older adults that I saw experiencing the great outdoors. So I did not think anything about it because I figured camping was for adults who were retired. Boy was I mistaken and often I feel upset because of what I missed with the lack of camping when I was younger. In fact, here is a picture of what my camping experiences consisted of when I was a kid.

Camp cabin

Yes, that was my experience with camping. Now this does not mean that the camping was done in the winter, but it is obviously the classic camp cabin that we have all seen or stayed in. I know now this is not camping in the true sense of the word, but it was camping for me. In fact, the camp was two weeks worth of freedom away from my sister. This would be the first taste of any type of camping, but now I have improved quite a bit.

I now consider this picture as a great way to go camping.

Native American Tipi

I hope you realize that I am kidding in this because I know the tipi is not the best way to go camping. I have improved quite a bit and no longer believe my mom that this was the best way to camp. Instead, I have started to rely on larger tents with comfortable sleeping bags and cots. Eventually I want to move up to an RV, but for now, I will settle for the tents.

The downside is when  I started all of this camping experience, I quickly found out that not all of the camping gear was the same. I mean seriously how many times can a tent fall in before you just scream and give up? Well, I quickly found out, after reading some of the reviews of the tent it was falling in and was one of the most common complaints with the tent. If only I had seen that beforehand, I would have saved myself a small fortune!

Tent camping requires a tent where I go because of the protection from sudden pop-up storms. However, with the struggles I had, I knew it would be a miserable summer away from the campground and would lead to me hearing my kids argue all year long, without the reprieve the campground would provide for me.

This brings me to the point of why I started this entire site. I know how frustrating it is as a parent of 3 children and promise them they can go camping, only to have equipment failure. This failure is an issue I do not want to have happen to anyone, but it does happen. Here is what you can expect on the website in the future.

Product Reviews and Camping Tips Coming Soon

Even though it is the middle of winter, you will need to get your camping gear soon. There is no way I am going camping in the zero degrees weather we have been getting with the half-foot of snow in the yard. However, what I do plan on doing in finding the gear that you need to go camping, reviewing this gear carefully and sharing tips about campgrounds, camp cooking, or what to do when the weather does not cooperate.

Our new posts will contain a mixture of product reviews, tips, and helpful guides to help you in selecting the right gear for your camping trip or even preparing food on an open fire.

Rather than go camping right now, though, I think I will go and play a nice game of Monopoly with my kids tonight. Then we can have the memory of the family game night.

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