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Hilleberg Soulo 1 Person 4 Season Tent

4 season tentFinding a 1 person 4 season tent can be a challenge and often means you will have to weed through a ton of information to get the information you want to have. I feel your pain as I have been in the same situation and know that all you want to get is the answers you need and you want to get those answers quickly. So how do you do that, you often go to a review site like ours here, but we do provide you other information about camping gear, campgrounds, and even locations to enjoy. Now, back to the 4 season tent, we are going to talk about one that we recently found and actually thought it would be a great addition for the single hikers and campers who want to camp at all times of the year. Since that is the case, we are going to do a Hilleberg Soulo 1 person 4 season tent review here.

Features Of The Hilleberg Soulo

  • The tent is a 1 person tent that is meant to go for all four seasons of the season, which really helps to open up your camping opportunities and allows for winter camping as well.
  • The tent has an integrated storage pocket that allows you to store some of your valuables without having to worry about sleeping on your wallet or other items that you would normally have inside of your pants.
  • With the dome construction of the Hilleberg you get a free-standing tent, but you have a tent that has a larger capacity when it comes to handling the snow load that you could get if you are camping in winter.
  • When you are using this tent you will notice that it is able to use both the guy lines and the stay poles that will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a tent that is reliable and going to stay upright for a longer period of time.

What Is The Tear Strength And Type Of Fabric

With the fabric on the tent you will notice it is Kerlon 1200 outer fabric and this is going to be a great tent fabric. What else is great about this fabric is the fact that it is going to have a higher strength than what you would expect to see with the tent as the fabric is rated at a 26.5 pound tear strength.

How Does This Tent Do Under A Snow Load

With the tent having a fairly high tear strength on the fabric as noted above, you will notice it is able to handle quite a bit of snow. What else will help out with this is the fact the tent has the poles crisss-crosed around the top which is going to make it easier for you to get the winter camping done and know you will be safe.

How Does The Tent Vent With The Snow

When you are looking at this tent and see it is a 4 season tent, you may start to ask about snow. While this is a good question, you will love the fact this is a tent that is designed with the vents slanted on an angle that will keep the snow going down the angles of the tent and it will also make it easier for you to rest easier because the materials the vents are made from are snow proof materials that do not keep the snow trapped or allow the snow to run down into the tent.

Are The Pegs Easy To Work? 

This is easily one of the best features of this tent and that is the fact that it does not have any pegs to deal with! Since you do not have any pegs you will be able to get the tent set up easily and not have to bring along a sledgehammer with you to get the tent driven down and secured into the ground.

What I Love About The HIlleberg 4 Season Tent

I love the light weight of this tent. Yes, it is 5.5 pounds when it is fully packed, but even then that is not overly heavy for a 4 season tent. So you will be able to go hiking in the tent and know you are going to have a tent that is comfortable for you to use and know the tent will make it easier for you to hike around the woods and not have a tent that is going to be dragging you down.

Something else that I really like is the way the tent is freestanding and does not use pegs. This allows me to use the tent easily and know the tent is going to work for me even if the ground is frozen. That is because I do not have to mess around with the pegs to get the tent setup and I do not have to be concerned about the tent not being secured down right to hold the pitch right.

Finally, I love the fact the top of the tent is shaped and the poles are criss-crossed at just the right spacing and angles to support a decent snow load. This will make it easier for me to go camping and not have to worry about the snow. Now, you may not have to worry about the snow as much, but it does not mean that you can simply leave the snow on the tent and walk away as you will want to clean it off.

What I Dislike With The Tent

I have to say I really do like this tent, but the main complaint I do have is the way everything is integrated and my clumsiness means I can start to get some tangles done on the tent. When they do get tangled up it has a tendency to make it even more of a mess and with the integration means taking time and going back through the tent step by step to figure out where you made the mistake.

Who Is This Tent Best Suited For

The tent here is obviously a 4 season tent, but it is also a tent you will like going camping in for just a quick getaway. That is because the tent is fairly lightweight, which means hikers may like it, the tent does have the proper amount of protection for weather for inclimate weather campers. However, who else will like the tent are the people who do not like spending a lot of time trying to get the tent set up and trying to figure out the pegs as this tent does not have the pegs that tend to get stuck everywhere you are trying to put them.

My Final Thoughts On The Hilleberg Soulo 1 Person 4 Season Tent 

I have to say the design of this tent along with the overall look is something I really like. What else I like is the fact the tent does not require pegs to keep it in the ground and in position. I mean who would really want to stand outside in the freezing cold after hiking all day and try to get the tent set up while sledgehammering pegs into the ground. I know that it is not my goal for sure. Overall, I will say the Hilleberg Soulo 1 Person 4 Season tent is a great investment for the solo camper and it will definitely provide you with a great piece of camping gear to make your trip more enjoyable than what you ever imagined.

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