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Campfire With Marshmallows


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How Hot Is A Campfire

Campfire With MarshmallowsA campfire is one item that you will find to be key to getting to have an enjoyable camping trip. Without a campfire, you cannot have the roasted marshmallows and you cannot have S’mores either. A common question a new camper or even a seasoned veteran asks will be how hot is a campfire. I mean it melts marshmallows and can catch them on fire, you can cook for the fire, but you will also find it is a fire that keeps you warm on the cooler fall nights. So how warm is the fire and how can you tell how hot is a campfire by looking at it? Also, what can you do to stay safe when you are around the campfire?

What Temperature Does A Campfire Typically Reach

Thermometer For How Hot Is A CampfireThis is something that you will find is going to have several different answers and it will really depend on the stage of your fire. The key thing that you need to realize is no matter what the fire will be hot and it can burn you so make sure you use caution. Typically, a campfire will reach a temperature that is going to be about two thousand degrees. That is in Fahrenheit and it will remain at the temperature for quite a while so you need to keep this in mind when you are looking at the campfire.

Now, what exactly is that temperature going to do for you? Well, this is a temperature that actually is going to be warm enough to burn through the rating level of a firefighters gear. This may not seem like it would be that much, but you need to realize this is a piece of equipment that is meant for going into a fire. So you will want to use caution when you around a fire that is this warm or you could have some problems in the fire actually not being relaxing and burning you.

The good news is this is towards the core of the fire and not the actual flames as the temperature is lower here. However, it is still going to be hot and you will want to make sure you are safe around the fire and that is what we are going to cover next in our topic here so you can make sure you are safe.

The best way to tell the temperature is by getting one of the thermometers you can point at the fire to get a reading. However, if you are looking for a way to tell the temperature you can look at the flame. If you have a blue flame, then the fire is very hot and completely burning, almost like a gas furnace. If the flames are yellow and orange you will find the temperature is going to be hot, but it could be hotter. If the fire is smoldering and does not have any visible flames, then you will notice the fire is still hot and just needs more wood or something else to cause it to start back up again.

Safety Advice When Using Camping Gear By A Fire

A great piece of advice is before you even light the fire is make sure you identify steps in building a fire. This will allow you to know how to direct the heat, but if you know how to build a campfire will keep the heat centered in the area and allow the edges to still remain cool. This is the first step and you will want to make sure you have a great campfire ring to guarantee you are not going to get a fire that is going to spread out from the rest of the area. Not only will this help to keep the fire safe, but provides a nice ash bed if you want to bake potatoes in the fire.


Another thing that you will want to do is make sure you know about the wood you are burning. If you are burning cherry wood you will want to sit a little bit further back from the fire as this has a tendency to burn very hot. However, if you are burning a solid hardwood like oak you are going to find the fire will burn quite a bit longer, but it will not burn as hot.

A key when you are burning a fire for a campfire or even for cooking fires is to make sure you do not have any running around the fire. When you have a lot of running around the fire you are going to have injuries happen, even if they were accidental. The key way to prevent any injuries from happening, though, is to make sure you do not allow anyone to run around the fire.

Something else that can be a safety hazard is drinking around the fire. While most people will go out and have a few brews around the fire, you do not want to get drunk. When you do this you are increasing the chance of getting injured. Not to mention, in most of the campgrounds I have been in alcohol is not allowed, but the rangers and other rules enforcement individuals tend to turn a blind eye as long as you are within the rules.

The clothing type is something else you should consider. You do not want to wear any clothing that is highly flammable when you are working around a fire. While this should go without really having to say, you need to realize that some people do not think about this and end up getting a new piece of clothing without even considering this aspect of the clothing and how they will wear the clothing when they are going camping.

Finally, yes this is a brief list you will find a more in-depth list on our site at a later time, you will want to watch where you put your seat. Yes, a campfire is small which means you can get up a little bit closer, but if you are starting to get too hot then you need to move back. However, when you go to roast marshmallows or cook on the fire make sure you are using the proper safety considerations and if you are getting a marshmallow make sure you have a roasting stick that can keep you a safe distance from the fire.

So How Hot Is A Campfire

This is the big question and it is one that has a lot of variables you need to get answered. However, one thing that I can tell you is that most of the campfires will be hot enough they can cook food on, boil water, and easily burn you. So you will want to use caution when you are looking at the fires because they are hot. An easy answer to how hot is a campfire is based more on how comfortable are you sitting by the campfire enjoying your evening?

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