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Discover The Kelty Forecast Climashield Sleeping Bag

Sometimes camping does not happen in the middle of summer and sometimes it does. When you go camping in summer, though, you want to have a sleeping bag that is going to keep you warm, but also keep you protected as well. This is exactly what you are going to get with the Kelty Forecast Climashield Sleeping Bag. With that being said, your search for a nice three weather sleeping bag is over as we have our full review of this sleeping bag.

Kelty is a brand that you may not recognize, but you should know that it has been around for years. In fact, some of their gear has been in production since the middle of the 1950’s. So it is easy to see this is a company that knows exactly what they are doing and how they should be doing it. S0 make sure you keep this in mind when you are looking at a sleeping bag.

Features Of The Kelty Forecast Climashield Sleeping Bag

This is a mummy style of sleeping bag. While we generally do not care for this style it is still the latest fad in gear for camping. So as much as this pains us we do say this sleeping bag is great for a mummy style and can help you get the warmth you need at night when the weather starts to get colder or a summer night turns unseasonably cold.

Quilted construction helps to provide the comfort you want to have. This construction makes it easier for you to get the comfort, but also know the construction style of the bag i going to help in trapping the colder air that can hit in the middle of the night.

Two way zipper that even has the foot vent is something else you will love with the sleeping bag. You may be asking what the foot vent is, but it is the best option ever as the foot vent is the part that lets you unzip your feet and vent them out to keep cool if you decide to take this sleeping bag with you in the middle of a warmer summer night.

What Does The Climashield Do?

This is a good question because a lot of people have never heard of the Climashield before. However, this is actually recycled materials, which is good for the planet, but it has been put into the bag in such a manner that it is going to make it easier for the sleeping bag to stay warm.

Is The 40 Degrees Comfort Rated Or Survivability? 

As we have mentioned in a lot of the reviews that we have done on sleeping bags. When they give a review of the sleeping bag temperature and mention a number in most cases that is the bare bottom temperature that you would want to be in for a night. This sleeping bag is no different as 40 degrees is sustainable, but you need to realize you may get chilled depending on the factors outside of the temperature, like your condition, weight, and what else is going on weather wise.

Is The Sleeping Bag Light Enough For Hiking

The sleeping bag clocks in at 2 lbs 8 ounces. So yes, it is light enough that you could take it camping with you on a hike. However, you need to realize that if you are hiking in an area that gets cold at night then you could end up having some really cold nights. The important thing is the sack may not compress down as we could not find any mention of a compression bag for the sleeping bag.

What Type Of Height Can The Sleeping Bag Handle?

For some reason the company has decided that everyone who is camping and using this bag should be shorter than average in my area. The mummy sack is mainly mean for people who are under the height of 6’1″. While it would probably fit someone who is slightly taller, it may not be as comfortable as the sack is meant for people under 6 foot.

Who Would Like This Mummy Sack The Most?

This is going to be a sleeping bag that people who enjoy camping in warmer weather would fall in love with. When you are camping in warmer weather you do not need a survival bag that they take into the mountains to climb. Instead, you need this sleeping bag as it will keep you warm, but has the foot vent to make it easier for you to stay cool.

Who Would Not Benefit From This Sleeping Bag? 

People that are tall would not like this sleeping bag. They can use it, but it would be cramped and they would have to sleep all night long with their knees bent or the foot vent open and feet sticking out. Another group that may not like the sleeping bag that much would be the hikers. That is because as we mentioned, we could not find any suggestion of a compression sack to make it smaller to fit into your backpack.

Our Final Thoughts On The Kelty Forecast Climashield Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are not cheap and outside of the tent can easily be the most abused piece of equipment you take camping with you. We know that you want to have a sleeping bag that can withstand quite a bit of abuse, but also keep on working great. With that being the case, we have to say Kelty has come out with a great sleeping bag here for the 3 seasons, but you need to find later spring and early fall to stay really warm. If it is damp and cold, then the sleeping bag may not provide the protection you want to have. Overall, a decent sleeping bag at a good price that will last you for a while.

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