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Read The Review Of The Ledge Sports Featherlite -20 Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are getting harder to find, at least for a quality sleeping bag that is. However, if you want to have a good sleeping bag then you need to realize that their are several options you have. One is to search Google all day long, which could be how you found our site, which it is a good thing because we will stop your searching. The other option, and by far the worse option is to buy from the local store and pick up what they have on the shelf, even if it is not what you need. We know this challenge and feel your pain so we are going to review the Ledge Sports Featherlite -20 Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag.

You may notice that this is another Ledge sports product of an almost exact same name. However, you will find the similarities are rather stark. The main difference is the way this sleeping bag is going to work in the colder climates, in fact it has a survival rating down to twenty below, so that definitely stands as a positive for the sleeping bag.

Features Of The Ledge Sports Featherlite Sleeping Bag

The liner is going to be rather heavy as the fill weight is going to make up 7 pounds at least. However, it is listed at 7.7 pounds. This is going to make the bag a little bit on the heavy side, but it will definitely provide you with the warmth that you want to have, even if it comes at the sacrifice of what we would consider being featherlite.

The shell on the sleeping bag is the normal ripstop, but it is made using the Dobby Diamond 250T shell. So it is going to have a good shell that will be ripstop material so it will be easier for you to use the sleeping bag and know that it is not going to be torn apart on you very easily.

With the inner liner it is going to be made from Softech II 210T Liner. This liner makes it quite a bit easier for you to keep yourself comfortable, but you need to realize this is not a flannel or cotton liner that you may be used to when you are getting a new sleeping bag. So this can be something else that you should think about when you look at the sleeping bag.

YKK Zippers is what this sleeping bag has installed on them. These zippers are usually very good quality and they are durable. Since they are so durable you do not have to be concerned about them wearing out on you or breaking, like you would with some of the other zippers. That does not mean this does not happen, because it can and does happen at times.

Continuous filament fiber fill is something else that you will enjoy. The fiber fill is of their hibernate extreme and that is going to make it easier for you to get the warmth that you want to have. However, it also is their special blend of fiber as well for the fill.

Does The Sleep Sack Compress Down Enough For Hiking?

This is a major question and this is a sleeping bag that you would not want to take hiking for a couple of reasons. The main reason is the fact the bag does not compress down that much. In fact, a lot of the reports have said it will compress down to the size of a coffee can. Throw in the fact this bag weighs over 7 pounds and it may not be the best for hiking.

Is The Comfort Rating A Good Reference Or Not?

The survival rating of the sleeping bag is to twenty below zero. When you see this rating you may think that is comfort and you would be perfectly warm at that temperature. However, this is not the case and in fact the sleeping bag is good for about 20 to 30 above to keep you warm.

Can The Ledge Sports Sleeping Bag Comfortably Hold Someone Over Six Foot

This was a big concern of my husband as he is over 6 foot and I can tell you that he really likes to camp. So it was a concern of his when we looked for a new sleeping bag. The good news is the bag has held people that are 6’1″ and they had some room. The fit is a little snug, but it is a mummy style bag and that can make the fit snugger than what you want it to be.

Who Would Do Good With The Ledge Sports Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag because of its weight would be great for the camper who does not plan on hiking into their campsite. This means you would want to keep it in your car and throw out to the tent almost right away. So if you are a campsite camper then the bag would work great for you because its easy to move then.

Who Would Not Like This Sleeping Bag?

This sleeping bag is bulky and heavy. So if you are planning on hiking then you would not want to use this sleeping bag. Yes, it is warm and comfortable, but hiking is going to be terrible because you will have a sleeping bag that by the end of the day will feel like a ton when you take your pack off at night.

Our Final Thoughts On The Ledge Sports Mummy Style -20 Sleeping Bag

This is a good sleeping bag, but you need to realize the sleeping bag is rather heavy and can be bulky if you are looking for a hiking bag. However, at the same time we really like the fact this is a sleeping bag that has a good survival rating if you are caught out in the cold. We also enjoyed the fact this sleeping bag is easy to get folded up and compressed down for your trip home. You just have to make sure you have the right place to store the bag because it compresses down to the size of a coffee can.


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