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Discover The Maxam Olive Drab Sleeping Bag

Maxam is a sleeping bag that we found on Amazon. However, their is not a lot of information out about the company. I know that we really pride ourselves on digging down to get the information and that led us to Google. What you see above is actually all the information that Google has on the sleeping bag as well.

The Maxam company is one that we did find quite a bit of information on and they do sell a large number of products. Another store that you may have seen this sleeping bag at is Sears as Sears does carry this brand of sleeping bag. Now it may not be the exact model, but I can tell you that I did find the product on the Sears website as well.

Features Of The Maxam Olive Drab Sleeping Bag

This is a basic sleeping bag that you can use. While you may think this is going to be something that you never need to have. It is a very basic model sleeping bag that is a no fuss style of sleeping bag that does its job. The downside is we were unable to find a temperature rating on the sleeping bag so you will have to determine that on your own, but we would guess that it is more of a summer sleeping bag.

Made in the form of a polyester construction. This is a factor that we do not really like that much as the construction process is a lot harder to determine then. Plus if you get the sleeping bag snagged on anything then the chances are good that it will tear on you and this can leave you without a sleeping bag to use at night.

Who Would This Sleeping Bag Be Best For?

This is a sleeping bag that would be good for people who are wanting to get a basic sleeping bag that is easy to use. This sleeping bag does not have any of the frills that people would expect, but it also does not have a temperature rating either. So you will have to take the sleeping bag and know that it could be warm or it could be cold depending on all of the different conditions around you.

Who Would Not Like This Sleeping Bag? 

This sleeping bag would not be for people who want to have something that has a good temperature rating, can be used on hiking with the abuse that goes along with it, and need something that offers them more than the basic sleeping bag.

Our Final Thoughts

This sleeping bag is a great bag for the basics. It is not one that is going to be used in the middle of winter, but at the same time it will provide you the basic protection you want in the summer. The material is not the latest in the trends, but that is okay because you want something basic. If you are looking for a basic sleeping bag, then I would highly recommend considering this one. If you want something that has more to it, then you may want to continue your search on the sleeping bags that we have on the site.

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