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When you are looking for a great sleeping bag, that is very basic and easy to use, then you may want to consider the Maxam Digital Camo Sleeping Bag. This is a sleeping bag that has managed to make it very easy for you to get a basic sleeping bag, but also one that is camouflaged that will make it easier for you to blend into the area and know that it is going to keep you warm and if you do not have a tent safe.

Features Of The Maxam Digital Camo Sleeping Bag

This is a sleeping bag that is going to be comfortable for your next camping trip if it is in warmer weather. However, you need to realize that this is a sleeping bag that is not rated for any specific temperature and in their own description they mention the bag can be used indoors as well. Either way it is a very basic sleeping bag.

Polyester construction is something else that you will like because it is going to be a type of material that is not going to tear as easily. However, it is also a material that you will be able to clean up fairly easily if you get it dirty while you are camping.

Is This Sleeping Bag Large?

The downside is this is a basic sleeping bag, but it is not that large. In fact the reported size of the sleeping bag is only 74 3/4″ long and 29 1/2″ wide. So if you are much over 6 foot this sleeping bag would not work for you at all, unless you do not mind hanging out of the sleeping bag a little bit.

Who Would Work Best With This Sleeping Bag

This is a sleeping bag that would be a good bag for some people that want to use this as a quick bag. However, the sleeping bag would be nice for people who want to use this in a hotel room if they do not trust the hotel beds for some reason. Outside of that the sleeping bag is a very basic model that is going to be used for a lot of people who do not require anything fancy.

Who Would Not Like This Sleeping Bag?

This is a sleeping bag that a lot of people will like, but if you want to have something that is fancy then you may find this sleeping bag would not be the best option for you. This is very true if you are planning on going camping in the middle of fall or early spring. That is because the sleeping bag does not have a temperature rating and that can make it difficult to stay warm at night.

Our Final Thoughts On The Maxam Sleeping Bag

Finding a basic sleeping bag is very easy to do. You often do not even need to see a website to find a basic sleeping bag. We know this may seem a little odd, but this is a basic bag that can provide you with the comfort you want to have. The downside is so could a bag that you pick up from Walmart and go camping that night. So our thoughts are this is a great basic bag, but if you need something quickly then hit up the local store.

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