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Kelty Satellite Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree

Camping is not always going to be done in the middle of summer and this often will mean that you are going to need to have a variety of camping gear options available. In this instance, we are going to be talking about the Kelty Satellite Sleeping Bag that is going to be survival rated down to the 30-degree mark. Now, this may not be the best rating for you, but you should know this is actually a good rating for a lot of reasons and the main one being this is a sleeping bag that will work for several seasons for you. Then you do not have to go out and buy a couple of different bags for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Instead, you will just have to get a bag that is rated to below zero if you are planning on camping in the middle of winter. With that being the case it is time for us to go out and review the Kelty Satellite sleeping bag – 30 degree.

Features Of The Kelty Satellite Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree

  • This is a sleeping bag that is going to have a polyester type of fill to it. However, at the same time this is going to have a polyester outside as well. The inside of the bag will be made from, well you guess it polyester, but it also has some cotton as well for the liner. The fill actually is the taffeta type of polyester, which is going to be a nice feature because it will help to keep you warm and not really have to worry about it holding smells.
  • With this bag it is very obvious, especially since we have it in the title even that it is rated to the 30 degree mark. Now, like we have said all along with these types of ratings they have a tendency to be rated based off of the survival and not the comfort rating. So that is the good news and that is what really helps this bag expand its usefulness for you over a single season, like a heavy thick winter bag.
  • Now, this is a bag that is not known for being light and that can be a problem for some people if they are looking at the sleeping bags from the perspective of potentially using them for a hiking bag. The bag is going to come in at just over the seven pound mark, but only by an ounce will it miss being made into the eight pound mark. So this could easily be a bag that is heavier than what you would want to have when you are camping.
  • The top section of this sleeping bag will make a great solution if you want to have a lighter weight sleeping bag that will keep you warm, but not overly hot. Now, I am not sure how this part detaches, but it something that Kelty does say is possible so I am sure it can be done somehow.

What Did I Like With This Piece Of Camping Gear

Well, I like the fact this is a sleeping bag you can use for more than a single season. I cannot tell you how many sleeping bags that I have looked at that you can only use for a single season because they are rated to low for summer or they are not rated low enough for winter. While I now that 30 degrees may not seem like it would be that good of a rating it actually is because outside of the real early spring and later fall days the weather in my area has a tendency to stay above the mark.

The blend of a cotton and polyester for the liner is something else that I really like. This type of blend will provide you with the warmth and comfort you want to have from the cotton. However, at the same time you will find the polyester will help keep you cooler at night and this can help keep you from getting the night sweats when you are out camping.

Finally, I like the way this sleeping bag has a bottom that is going to be more of a fitted style sheet. This will make it easier for you to have it fitted over an air mattress. Then you do not have to be concerned about it rolling all over the place on you when you are getting ready to sleep. At the same time, because this is going to fit perfectly on a queen sized air mattress it will make it easier for you to sleep at night because you are off the ground.

What I Did Not Care For

Okay, the primary thing that I did not care for is this is only meant for people that are going to come in around the six-foot mark. While it will fit taller people at times, it is not that comfortable and the overall length is stated as being 80 inches. However, if it was that long then you would be able to easily fit someone over the six foot mark. So it is important to look at this because it could be too short for someone that you are planning on going camping with.

The other thing that I did not really care for is the fact that if you do not want to have the fitted sheet you can zip this part off the bag. Then you are left with the top half, which is a great sleeping bag, but it is going to be more of the rectangular direction and this can make it difficult for you to use at times.

My Final Thoughts On The Kelty Satellite Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree

I have to say this is a decent little sleeping bag. It will keep you warm and because it is light weight in the sense of what temperatures it can handle it is going to work at keeping you camping in different seasons. Overall, I would have to say this is a great sleeping bag as long as you are not overly tall. So this is one sleeping bag you may want to consider for your camping gear.

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