Ledge Sports Alaska Double Sleeping Bag – 0 Degree Review





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Ledge Sports Alaska Double Sleeping Bag – 0 Degree Review

Buying a new sleeping bag s a good thing, but you will find that it is going to difficult to find a good quality double sleeping bag. By knowing about the Ledge Sports Alaska Double Sleeping Bag – 0 Degree it could be easier for you to find the sleeping bag and know if this is going to be the best sleeping bag for your needs or not. However, what you will also notice is this is a double sleeping bag from the Ledge Sports company which is one of the most notable brands for the companies that are present in the camping world and definitely a brand that will hold a lot of the quality names for the sleeping bags as this is a great company. What we are going to do in our review here is cover the Ledge Sports Alaska Double Sleeping Bag – 0 Degree so you can figure out if this is a sleeping bag that will work for you or if you should consider a different bag for your next camping trip.

Features Of The Double Sleeping Bag

  • The sleeping bag is unlike most of the double bags that we have looked into n the past. That is because this sleeping bag is going to come in as a king size bag. This will be quite a bit larger than what you would find anywhere else and this makes it easier for you to have a great time because it will definitely provide you plenty of space to sleep in and even if you are sleeping in the same bag with your spouse you will have plenty of space to spread out.
  • With this sleeping bag, you will love the fact that it is going to have more of the 190T for the outer lining of the sleeping bag. This is going to make it easier for you to have a comfortable time sleeping and know the shell is made from a lighter material than what you may have seen. What else is great about this shell is the fact that it is going to be easy for you to have it and know if it does get dirty it could be cleaned up easily.
  • When you look at the interior lining of the sleeping bag you will bag is not going to have any of the polyester or other items that you may find irritating to your skin. Instead, the materials that are used in the liner process is going to be cotton flannel. This is what you may have grown up within a sleeping bag and it is definitely a comfortable material to have.
  • Now, as you can tell by the image and the other information that we have presented this sleeping bag is big. So with this type of size, you will notice it is going to have quite a bit of weight to it as well. The weight of the sleeping bag comes in at around the twenty-three-pound mark. This makes it rather heavy, but what is really amazing is almost all of the weight of the bag comes from the fill.

What I Like About The Double Sleeping Bag

When I am looking at camping gear I tend to think about the size of the item and if it is going to help me cut down on the number of items that I have to pack. With this being the case I have found that this is a decent sized sleeping bag that means I do not have to pack individual sleeping bags for my husband and I. This in turn saves quite a bit of space in the camping gear bag and makes it easier for me to have everything packed and ready for the trip and know that I did not forget anything.

The comfort of this bag is nice as well as this is rated for a survival rating down to zero. This is going to make it easier for everyone to have a sleeping bag that is going to have some great comforts, but at the same time, it will be easy for you to have a great time because the sleeping bag will keep you warm at night even if the weather is cold. However, if the weather is a little bit on the warmer side you could have some problems because the bag may keep you to warm, but thankfully you can unzip the bag and keep it open.

What else I really like with this sleeping bag is the fact that it has a thermal shield. This shield is not the same that you would expect for some of the other things that you would hear this involved in, like the heat shield on the space shuttle. Instead, you will find the heat shield here is going to help you in getting the comfort you want in the really cold weather.

Now, as we mentioned before the sleeping bag can be warm in the summer months. Well, the Ledge Sports company thought of this situation and how it could impact your camping adventures. They have made it to the way you are able to get the sleeping bag zipped down into a couple of different comforters which can work perfectly if you do not need a sleeping bag in the middle of summer.

What I Did Not Care For Here

Well, I have to say the one thing that I did not really care for with this sleeping bag was the fact that it is really heavy. Yes, I know it is a double bag and I know it is rated to 0 and it will need the insulation to keep you warm. However, even with those features the weight is still rather high and actually weighs almost half of what my dog food weighs in at when I am carrying it into the house.

My Final Thoughts On The Ledge Sports Alaska Double Sleeping Bag – 0 Degree 

I have to say this is a large sleeping bag. In fact, the sleeping bag is so large that it is going to allow you to have more room than what you bed usually would offer you unless you have a king size bed. Since this is the case, you will like the fact this is a sleeping bag that does have this much room. You will also like the fact this sleeping bag is rated to a cool temperature, but can come apart if you want to use this as a comforter for camping in the summer. Overall, I would say this is a bag that I would say is a buy for the comfort and the fact that it will be a great double sleeping bag for your camping gear.

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