Tactical Operations Mummy Style Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree Review





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Tactical Operations Mummy Style Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree Review

Finding the perfect mummy sleeping bag is a difficult task to do and it is definitely something that a lot of people have to do to guarantee they are able to get the perfect sleeping bag for their camping trip or to add into the camping gear they are going to bring camping with them. I know that when I started the journey of research the mummy style bags it was very difficult to find the best ones that you could use. This is when I started to really hone in on the Tactical Operations Mummy Style Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree bag. When I started to look at this bag I realized it has a lot going for it and this actually makes it one of the better bags on the market for you to use. Then factor in it is a mummy sleeping bag and it is very easy to see why we did our review of this sleeping bag.

Features Of This Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

  • This is a mummy style sleeping bag that is going to have a good temperature rating for it. The survival temperature rating for a small female is down to thirty degrees. With the comfort, it will be comfortable at about forty degrees and this will make it easier for you to stay warm and if you are a guy you can rest easier in the fact the temperature may be a little bit lower for the ratings.
  • This is a bag that has managed to get the double layer construction. This will make it easier for you to have the comfort you want to have with the temperature ratings, but also going to allow you to have a great product that can be compressed down quite a bit because of the type of fill that is present in the sleeping bag.
  • The fill material for the sleeping bag, remember we said easily compressed down, is the full synthetic hydrophobic silicone air core. This will make it easier for you to have a product that is going to work great for keeping the heat in and the cold out. At the same time, this is going to make it easier for you to compress the sleeping bag down when you are trying to get your camping gear packed up for your return trip home.
  • A major issue with a lot of the mummy style sleeping bags is the fact the zipper is going to only go down a short distance and not really go down any further which means you have to crawl in and out of the sleeping bag. With this bag, though, the zipper is full length and it is going to make it easier for you to grab the zipper because of the larger reflective and easy to grab pull tag for the zipper.
  • The outer shell you have here is going to be a rip stop type of material and this will make it easier for you to get the protection from the sleeping bag getting torn. However, what you will also love with this is if it does get torn you will have the draft tubs that will protect you out as well, but you will find the sleeping bag does have a chest baffle and the hood can be adjusted to fit your head.

What I Like About This Mummy Sleeping Bag

I love the fact this is a mummy style sleeping bag and it is fairly large. This is going to make it easier for me to keep the sleeping bag comforts I want to have, but it will also make it easier for me to get the head protection I want to have. I admit, at home my head never gets cold, but when I am camping it is like a non-stop air conditioner on my head at the time.

The temperature ratings of this sleeping bag is something else that is nice as well. That is because this is a sleeping bag that has a survival rating down to thirty degrees for women, which I really like. However, at the same time, I like the fact this sleeping bag is going to have a regular comfort rating that will keep you warm and comfortable when you are camping in weather that is down to forty degrees.

Finally, I really like the durability of this product over some of the other sleeping bags we have looked at before. This is durability will allow you to keep the sleeping bag as one of your bags for a long period of time. So this definitely is a major plus because it means you will not be spending a fortune on the sleeping bags you are going to use because you finally have a bag that will last you longer than a season.

What I Did Not Care For Here

While I do like the bag for a lot of the comforts that are present in it, I have to say this is a bag that is not going to be very wide. In fact, if you are bigger than about two hundred pounds you may have some trouble in rolling over and sometimes in zipping the sleeping bag up past your ribs or all the way up. So you need to make sure you are aware of this fact, but if you have kids then you may find this to be the perfect bag for them.

My Final Thoughts On The Tactical Operations Mummy Style Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree

If you are looking for a sleeping bag that is comfortable and going to keep you warm, if you are not a larger person that is, then this bag will work for you. I have to admit this is going to be a bag that I really like and it is really a great sleeping bag that I would recommend. At the same time, though, if you are looking for a nice sleeping bag that will be a great addition for your camping gear I would definitely recommend the Tactical Operations Mummy Style Sleeping Bag – 30 Degree as a very viable option.

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