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Mountain Warehouse Polycotton Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

A sleeping bag is usually going to be enough to keep you warm, but sometimes you will want to add a piece to your camping equipment that you never thought you would need before. That item could be something as simple as the sleeping bag liner which is going to be a great product to add to your sleeping bag, but also makes it easier for you to rest at night because you do not have to worry about getting cold. Now, this is an item that you may not look for all the time and that can definitely make it a challenge in finding the right item and that is why I have decided it was time to look at the Mountain Warehouse Polycotton Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner and review it to see if this is one-liner that you should consider for your sleeping bag or if you should pass on it.

Features Of This Sleeping Bag Liner

  • This is a versatile piece that you can find will serve a dual purpose for your needs. That is because this is going to be used as a liner for the mummy style sleeping bags that you are using in winter. However, if you are camping in the warmer weather you may find that the sleeping bag liner here can also be used as its own type of sleeping bag as it will fit you in perfectly and keep you warm, but it is not waterproof which could be an issue.
  • When you are looking at this liner you will notice that it does have a good chance of fitting into any of the sleeping bags that are a mummy style that you are going to be using. This will make it easier for you to get the sleeping bag and know it will fit your needs, but also know it is going to allow you to have the comfort you want to have because it does fit into most of the styles of mummy sleeping bags and fits comfortably as well.
  • The liner is not so thick that it is going to take up most of the space you would be using to get the sleeping bag set up and snuggled down into it. So you wll not have to feel ike you are being squeezed to death in the sleeping bag while you are trying to get some rest and go to sleep at night.
  • Okay, I have to admit it is difficult to wash a sleeping bag and this often means they can start to smell over time. With this liner you will find that it is machine washable and this is going to make it very easy for you to take care of the sleeping bag and know that it is going to work for your needs each time.

What I Like With The Sleeping Bag Liner

I like the fact that this is a versatile piece that can be fit inside of the mummy style bag if it is the winter months and you want to have the extra warmth for the bag. However, if you are camping in the middle of summer and only will need a few lightweight blankets, but want the head protection as well this is a great sleeping bag liner that will serve that purpose. So this is definitely a plus that you are going to enjoy here with this sleeping bag.

Machine washing is something else that I really like with this liner. I know that a lot of the liners and sleeping bags will all say they are machine washable, but good luck finding a washing machine that can handle them. This is a liner that is actually small enough that you can fit it into the washing machine and not have to worry about it feeling like it is going to be over filled when you are starting up your load the next time you head to the washing machine.

What else I really like about this liner is the fact that it is poly cotton. This is going to be rather comfortable and it is definitely something you are sure to like as well because the material is not going to be overly rough on your skin or even worse not going to have any major allergies that you would have to something like wool. So this fact makes this a huge positive as it will help you out in getting the comfortable sleep you want to have in a bag that is very comfortable.

What I Did Not Care For

The liner is a liner and if you are not used to a sleeping bag liner it can take some getting used to. The main thing that I did not care for, even with this product not taking up a ton of space in the sleeping bag, it does take up some of the space. If you have a mummy style sleeping bag that is already tight fitting you will find it can be difficult to get into the liner as well. So this can be an issue that you will need to consider when you are looking at the liner.

The other thing that I did not care for a lot is this liner is going to need to be measured up perfectly for your mummy bag. If it does not measure up right it could either do one of two things. The first is it could easily lead to you being bundled up with the baggy liner that does not fit in properly or it could be so small that you will have to feel like you are compressed down in the mummy sleeping bag even more than what you were expecting to be.

My Final Thoughts On The Mountain Warehouse Polycotton Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

This is a sleeping bag liner and I will say it definitely works great on keeping you warm. However, what you will also find is this is a great way to have a cool almost blanket that you can bring with you in the middle of summer. If this measures up right for your sleeping bag, then you will not be disappointed in the product. So I have to say, if you are looking for a liner and the Mountain Warehouse Polycotton Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner measures up for your bag it is not a bad option.

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