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Find Out About The Ledge Sports Oversize Ultra Light Compact Sleeping Bag

If you are like my husband you have struggled to find a sleeping bag that is comfortable at night, but also provides you with the warmth that you want to have. At least that is what my husband has told me in the past. However, I think he may have finally found a solution and that is the Ledge Sports Oversize sleeping bag that you will see here.

Ledge is a company that we have covered before and really liked their sleeping bags in the past. However, the bags were not without complaint as some of the bags did have issues that were not overly concerning, but for some people they are seen as a major issue because they think a +40 degree bag means they would be comfortable at that, not realizing that is meant for a survival rating. Since that is the case, let us start the review of the Ledge Sports Oversize Ultra Light Compact Sleeping Bag.

Features Of The Ledge Sports Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag

The size of this sleeping bag is one of the main features you are going to love with the bag. The sleeping bag actually is 88 inches long, 36 inches wide. Now this may not seem like it is that big, but if you are tall like my husband, then you know the pain of trying to find a sleeping bag you can actually fit into and not have your feet sticking out the end, sleeping in a fetal position all night, or have your head out of the bag.

The shell of the sleeping bag is made from the GTX Dobby Diamond 250T Ripstop. This is not a new material, but it is one that has been tried and tested out quite a bit. Something that is nice about this shell is the ripstop material does help to stop the bag from tearing or ripping if you get it snagged on anything that you are going to encounter while you are camping.

Water resistance is something you are going to love in a sleeping bag. I know that when my daughter went camping a few months ago, the tent they were sleeping in for their scouts had a leak. The leak ended up getting everyone soaking wet inside of the tent including their gear! The only girls that did not get wet were the ones that had water resistant sleeping bags. So this is definitely a huge plus that you are going to enjoy in the sleeping bag.

Is The Ledge Oversize Sleeping Bag Good For Hiking? 

This is a great feature about this Ledge Sports sleeping bag is it can be used on hiking trips. Now this does not mean that it will not take up some space as it only compresses down to a little bit over or under 12 inches, depending on how good you are. However, it is light and that makes it a nice sleeping bag that you can take out into the woods with you to use in the middle of the night while hiking.

Does The 40 Degree Rating Hold True On The Ledge Oversize Sleeping Bag? 

As we mentioned the 40 degree rating is a survival rating. Some people have used the sleeping bag at this temperature and in the reports they have said they would not take it any lower than that. However, if you have the proper padding and insulating blankets, like a sleeping bag blanket then the chances are good that you would do okay with the sleeping bag in a lower temperature. So make sure you plan accordingly and remember if you are a warm sleeping then you may do okay in the sleeping bag at the survival rated temperature.

Is The Zipper Complaint Really That Big Of An Issue On The Ledge Sports Sleeping Bag? 

You may have read other reviews about this sleeping bag that mention the zipper does not go all the way around the bottom or it is not up to the level that people expected. While this can be a pain, it is not the deal breaker for this sleeping bag. In fact, that just makes it easier for you to stay warm at night with your feet covered up. If they do get too hot, then you just have to unzip it a little bit and stick your feet out the side of the sleeping bag.

Who Would Like This Sleeping Bag The Most

Large guys are going to love the fact they have a sleeping bag option finally. They will be able to roll around in the sleeping bag, have plenty of extra space, and even go hiking with. All of these combined make this a great sleeping bag that almost everyone can enjoy. Note we said almost because their is a slight drawback to the sleeping bag and that is who it would not work for.

Who Would Not Like The Sleeping Bag?

Well, this is a sleeping bag that is oversized. In that regard, people who are going to be smaller in size may feel like they are swimming in the sleeping bag. So that definitely would not be a good thing. The other group that would not like the sleeping bag would be those who are planning on going camping in the cold climates, that is because the bag is only rated to +40 and that is more of a survival rating than a true guide.

Our Final Thoughts On The Ledge Sports Oversized Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

When you are big and tall, then you know that finding a sleeping bag to fit you is nearly impossible. However, what you need to realize is Ledge has come out with a sleeping bag that addresses this concern and makes it easier for the bigger guys to have a sleeping bag. With that in mind, it is also a sleeping bag that you can take hiking with you. So make sure you check this bag out and realize it is one that we recommend for camping in the summer if you are a bigger guy.

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