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Discover The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Lady Sleeping Bag

Have you been trying to find a sleeping bag that is meant for your kids, but find it difficult to do? Well, you can rest easier now because we have finally decided to launch a review of one of the most kid friendly sleeping bags on the market. That is the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Lady Sleeping Bag. In this review we will cover the aspects of this sleeping bag and make it easier for you to determine if this is the bag for your kids or not.

Who Is Melissa & Doug? 

This is a toy company, that has branched out into the different aspects of kid products. The company started in the basement and garage of the founders Melissa and Doug in 1988. So it is definitely a company that has been around for several years and has produced quality products for kids every since. This is going to make it easier for you to see this is a company that you can trust and know the products they put out are useful for your kids.

Features Of The Melissa & Doug Ladybug Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is made out of polyester, which will make it easier for you to get the sleeping bag and know it is comfortable for your kids. However, with this bag being made from polyester you do not have to be as concerned about the sleeping bag not suiting your needs or even wearing out quickly because of how it was produced.

The bright coloring of the sleeping bag will make it more attractive to your kids because of the colored pattern of the sleeping bag. However, you will notice the sleeping bag can also be attractive more to the girls because of the colors that are present in the sleeping bag right now with the reds and pinks for the sleeping bag.

Length of the sleeping bag is six foot, which makes it easier for your kids to get down into the sleeping bag. This way you can know your kids will be staying warm in the sleeping bag, but also get the feel of being snug as a bug in a rug with the sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable.

Can This Sleeping Bag Be Used For Camping? 

The answer is really going to depend on what you are planning on doing when you are camping. It definitely is not a sleeping bag that would be good for use in cold weather or even chilly weather as it does not have a lot of insulation.  The sleeping bag is mainly meant for the play camping trip, but if you have a camper and do not plan on camping in the middle of winter then this could be a great option.

Is The Sleeping Bag 6 Foot Long?

While the bag is advertised as being six foot long. However, the bag in reality and has even been answered by the seller the as it measures around five feet long. Sothe bag that is being advertised as six foot long and even has the feature listed as that length is shorter than what it has been shown as.

What Age Range Is The Sleeping Bag Best For?

The sleeping bag is meant for kids and that means you have to keep your eyes open for the age range of the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is recommended for kids aged five to eight. So this is definitely something that we are interested in because it will make it easier for you to find if the sleeping bag will suit your kids or not.

Who Does Best With This Sleeping Bag?

The kids are going to love this sleeping bag. Mainly girls because of the color of the sleeping bag and how it looks. However, any kid will like the sleeping bag. If you are a very small adult, you may enjoy the sleeping bag as well, but you need to realize it is very small and may not fit you that well.

Who Will Not Like This Sleeping Bag? 

Well, the adults are definitely not going to like this sleeping bag. However, the serious campers will not like the sleeping bag either as they are going to find the sleeping bag is more of a play style sleeping bag. It will work for camping, but you need to realize it is not going to be as warm as a traditional sleeping bag and it will not help you stay warm if the temperatures start to drop.

Our Final Thoughts On Melissa And Doug Ladybug Sleeping Bag For Kids

If you are looking for a sleeping bag that your kids will enjoy, but also have a chance to sleep in, then you will like this sleeping bag. You need to realize it is not a warm sleeping bag or a regular sleeping bag. So you will need to make sure you keep your kids in a camper in this sleeping bag or use it as a bag they take to their friends house to sleep in. Either way this is a decent sleeping bag if you do not plan on using it in the colder weather.

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