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Marmot Orbit 6 Tent


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Finding a new tent is definitely a rewarding task, but only if you find the right tent. With that being the case, buying the wrong tent can make your dream of camping outdoors a nightmare. Now, it also can be bad if you buy the wrong tent and it is pricey, like the Marmot Orbit 6P tent that we are going to talk about here. With that being the case, it is now the time to complete our Marmot Orbit 6P tent review so you can see if this tent is worth the cost or not.

Features Of The Marmot Orbit 6P

  • 5 pole set up for the entire tent.
  • Large interior space for a tent.
  • Plenty of interior pocket storage space for your gear.
  • Ventilation openings make it easier to ventilate the tent in warmer weather.
  • Has a pocket for a headlamp to serve as an interior light.

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Marmot Orbit 6P Specifications

Packaged Weight – 23 pounds.

Packed Size – 30 inches x 10.5 inches.

Floor Space – 77.5 square feet.

Vestibule Area – 104.5 square meters.

Canopy Fabric – 68d 100% Polyester Taffeta

Number Of Doors – 1 Doorway

Seasonal Camping Is Easy

The Marmot Orbit 6P tent is one that actually is rated for 3 seasons. Now, I am sure that winter is not a big camping month for people who would use this tent anyways, so that is not that big of a deal. However, with the 3 season rated tent it does provide you plenty of time to go camping and enjoy your trip with your entire family.

Vestibule Adds More Camping Space

Okay, I know that from my own experience in a tent that they can be small and often have limited storage space. Yes, that makes it more cramped and very difficult to find the right place to sleep at night. Well, the vestibule space on the Marmot 6P adds in quite a bit of space to the tent and makes it easier for you to find the right amount of storage space and places for your gear.

What Is The Tent Made From

The tents is made from the normal type of Polyester Taffeta that I have seen in a lot of tents. Even the floor and the fly is made from the material. With the material you are going to enjoy the fact that it is a seam taped catenary cut floor and a full coverage fly that is vented to keep you completely dry. It has been reported that the tent will keep you dry in most conditions and that includes blowing rain as well, but remember all tents do have their limits.

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How Easy Is The Marmot 6P Tent To Set Up

With a lot of the tents that we have looked at in the past it requires several people and can be very time consuming to get set up. Well, the Marmot 6P tent tends to be very easy to set up. In fact, the tent itself uses only 5 poles total which makes it easier to set up. However, Marmot as a company knows that setting your tent up is not always going to give you the time to sit aside and figure out what goes where. Instead, the company has decided to color code the tent poles as well, which makes it very easy and speeds up the set up process.

Wind Is Not An Issue

With quite a few tents I have found that the wind is a major issue with the tents and often makes it very difficult to camp. Well, with the Marmot Orbit it will take and end up keeping most of the wind away from the tent. This makes it easier for you to camp and not have to be concerned about the wind causing you issues. As a camping tip, I would buy some extra tent pegs for the Marmot as it does come with some, but the extra pegs will help keep the tent in place.

Does The Vestibule Have A Door?

Yes, a patio or awning style type of door is found.

Is The Marmot 6P Tent Door Single?

The Marmot company has made the tent with a double door that opens into the canopy and vestibule.

How Easy Are The Poles To Use?

The poles for the Marmot tent is color coded which makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the tent completely and quickly set up.

Is The Marmot Orbit 6P Tent Waterproof?

The quick answer is yes, but we always recommend getting the waterproof sealant to put along the seams. With the vestibule you may want to not keep anything inside of it that is going to need protection or valuable as the vestibule has been reported as not being fully waterproof.

What Others Say About The Marmot Orbit 6P Tent

Brendan Ference who bought the tent from Amazon had this to say about the Marmot Orbit 6P tent. “Best tent I have ever bought”. As you can tell he was very happy with the purchase that he made with the Marmot Orbit 6P tent review that he left on Amazon.

On the Marmot site itself a reviewer actually had a complaint about the poles. Paulo Tri left this about the poles. “Cheap poles (bent after one use)”. While I have found that almost all the brands from Coleman to Ozark Trails to have cheaper poles, this one left a memory for Paulo and was mentioned enough as the first part about of the review that he left.

My Favorite Feature For The Marmot Orbit 6P Tent

The size of the Marmot 6P tent is definitely one of the best features that I like. Yes, I know that it sounds kind of bad to say that, but I like having the extra space and for stretching out and oddly for the extra storage space. Remember I have teens and a teenage girl so you can imagine that I have a ton of makeup, yes, she brings makeup for camping, with me.

Acadia National Park

What I Dislike With The Marmot Orbit 6P Tent

The price for this tent comes in at over 250 bucks in most places that I have seen it. So for that kind of price I would expect the vestibule to be coming in waterproof and wind proof as well. However, it has been widely reported from several people that this is not the case.

My Final Thoughts On The Marmot Orbit 6P Tent

The space inside of the tent definitely provides plenty of room for a family. With the materials to make the tent it also provides plenty of protection from the water and quite a bit of wind, as long as you do not want to get that same level of protection in the vestibule. With that being said, I find the Marmot Orbit 6P tent to be a good option and is a nice 3 season tent, but for the price I would have to say I would consider a different tent.

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