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Treehouse camping in West Virginia


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Treehouse Camping In West Virginia

Treehouse camping in West VirginiaCamping in West Virginia is exciting with the mountains, the natural beauty, and all the other attractions in the state. However, West Virginia is one state that does have something really cool that we just started seeing cropping up lately and that is treehouse camping in West Virginia. Now, if you are like me you may already be thinking why would I want to go into a treehouse to camp or even leave the ground for that matter. However, after exploring this concept a little bit more I started to understand the allure of West Virginia treehouse camping a lot more than what I would have thought and have to agree while the concept is somewhat old, it is an amazing idea.

What Makes Treehouse Camping Stand Out?

While I know this may sound odd since a camping experience for most is connecting with nature and getting out of the headache of everyday life, this really holds true when you are in the middle of a tree. When you are in the tree you lose your connection with the ground, which is an interesting concept, but at the same time, you are more open to the sounds that come rising up out of the ground. Not to mention, being in the trees definitely adds a new and exciting element into your camping adventure because you are in a different spot than normal and can feel like a kid again.

How Do I Access The Treehouses

This is a great question because when you think of a treehouse, you may think about the ones that you built as a kid in a tree with the boards as a ladder. Well, I have to admit that was my first thought as well because I hate climbing up ladders and when they are straight up and down it is very difficult to use. Plus, I have to face the fact that I am not as young as what I want to be and that means the ladder is really beyond me. Thankfully, a lot of the treehouses you can camp in have steps going up to them. Think about the Treehouse Masters show off of Animal Planet and it is very easy to see just how easy it is to access the tree houses. Not to mention, you may find some of the treehouses are handicap accessible with a ramp that leads up to them, but this is not always the case so if you do need wheelchair access make sure you check before you book the treehouse.

My Top Three Treehouse Camping Destinations

Now, I am not going to leave you hanging on where to go. Instead, I am going to share three of my favorite locations that I found for treehouse camping in West Virginia. Yes, it may seem a little odd to be mentioning these here, but I have to say that I do love how they look and will provide a snippet of information as well. Hopefully, you will enjoy these treehouses, as much as I did in finding them for you.

Holly Rock Treehouse

Holly Rock is a great location that is fairly new, which definitely makes it a lot more enjoyable for everyone. However, what else you may notice is the place is close to New River Gorge. By being so close to New River Gorge it definitely provides you with a great location and plenty of things to see and enjoy while you are on your trip.

Now, at the time this is one of the few places that can really be considered a tree treehouse camping adventure. While that may seem a little bit outlandish to say, you need to realize a lot of the other locations mentioned here are going to fit the bill, but some of these are not exactly what you would envision as a treehouse.

Country Road Cabins

Just like the treehouse that landed on the top spot of our list, this is another one that was recently finished. However, the best part is this is another location that allows you to get up into the trees and enjoy the beauty of the area that you are staying in. What else is great about the location is the fact the treehouse is very close to a lot of great attractions that can provide you with something to do and enjoy for the entire family.

Buffalo Trail Cabins

When you look at some of the treehouses that we have mentioned you may notice, like I pointed out, that some of them are nice, but others is more of a cabin type of place. This one is one that I would look at as more of the cabins type of treehouses. However, the best part is this is close to trails and that which will make it easier for you to enjoy the location.  What else you can enjoy about the location is the place does have quite a bit of creature comforts to enjoy.

What About Other Treehouses In West Virginia

I just mentioned a few of my favorites for the treehouses to use. However, just looking on the Internet provides you with a large number of options to explore. As I mentioned before, though, some of the other locations may seem more like a cabin on stilts at times than a true house that will get you up and out of the trees.

Is Treehouse Camping In West Virginia Worth It?

I have to admit if you find a treehouse that is a true treehouse and is more along the lines of what you see on Treehouse Masters, the Animal Planet television show, it will definitely be worth the time. The key thing that you need to do when considering any of the camping in West Virginia is looking at the location of the place and once you do that it makes it quite a bit easier for you to see treehouse camping in West Virginia is simply amazing based off of the selection of the place you stay.

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