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Read About The Mountain Trails Cedar Brook Tent – 2 Person

Camping often means you need to get a tent that will hold you and however, other many people you are traveling with. The problem is it can be difficult to find a tent because their are so many tents on the market anymore. This is why we launched the website to help you find the right gear for your needs. In this article we are going to take and review the Mountain Trails Cedar Brook tent so you know if it will suit your camping trip needs or if you need to consider a different tent.

 Features Of The Mountain Trails Cedar Brook 2 Person Tent

The tent is lightweight in the fact that it only tips the scales at a little bit over the 3 pound mark. This means it will be easier for you to get the the tent for hiking  and know the weight is not going to be to heavy for your hiking as the three pound limit for a tent is not that much when you are hiking.

When you are looking at a tent you know that their is a chance for it getting to stuffy for you to sleep well at night. However, what you need to realize is the tent is going to have a couple of windows for you to use, but you need to realize if it does start to rain and you have these open you may have to close them because they are just the regular mesh style of tent window.

The cords that are being used are the corded shock cords that you are used to using for almost any of the tents that you would be buying. Now the downside is with our experience on these corded shocks is the fact that they can break and when they do break they are very difficult to repair and you need to make sure you have the proper repair kit or you could have an issue in getting the repairs done.

How Many People Can This Tent Fit? 

When you are looking at this tent you will notice the tent is rather small. In fact, it is reported as a two person tent that you can camp in. However, this is going to be a challenge unless you do not mind sleeping on top of each other. So you need to realize this is a tent that will fit 2 kids, but not really fit a couple of adults comfortably.

Is The Tent Waterproof Or Not?

Camping you try to predict the weather and make sure you are going on a sunny weekend, but that is not always the case. Sometimes Mother Nature just does not work out with you and it ends up pouring rain. So it is important that you know that this tent is waterproof, but like all the tends that we have reviewed that are waterproof we definitely recommend going out and buying some good tent sealant as it will help to guarantee the tent is going to be properly sealed.

Does The Tent Really Fit Only Average Size People

Now this is a question that is going to be difficult to answer because their are so many different sizes to people. However, we have found this tent fits the average size person because of the way the tent walls come down and attach to the base of the tent. So this definitely will be a plus to know about as the tent does have a 7 foot footprint, but it is going to be a tight fit because the walls of the tent do go up at a sharp angle.

Who Would Like The Mountain Trails Cedar Brook Tent Work For?

The tent is one that a lot of people are going to want a tent they can take out hiking with them. That is because this tent is really light and it will provide you with the protection you need to have in the weather you can encounter. This would also work for people who want to have a tent that can work for a couple of people in a tight fit.

Who Would The Tent Not Work For

This tent would not work for families or larger people. That is because the tent is smaller in size and it will not work for people who are trying to go camping with the entire family. However, if you are a larger person you may have some problems as well because the tent is smaller in size compared to what you may be used to having available.

Our Final Thoughts 

Finding a tent for hiking is difficult to do. However, if you do need a tent this could be a decent one. The downside is the tents walls do make this tent rather small and that can make it very difficult for you to get the space you need. Overall, this is a great tent if you want a lightweight tent to take hiking, but if you are larger then you may need to consider a different tent as it does have a smaller cut.

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