Texsport Barbecue Hide-A-Way Foldable Portable Outdoor BBQ Grill





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Discover The Texsport Hide-A-Way Foldable Portable Grill

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, but you know that one thing you have to have is a great way to prepare your food. If you cannot get your food done, then you are not going to have a chance to eat or do anything else while you are camping. This is when you may turn to some of the portable grills and stoves that you see. However, those do not fold down and that makes storage difficult. To avoid that problem you should learn about the Texsport Hide-A-Way Foldable Portable grill and how this can solve your cooking needs while you are camping.

Features Of The Texsport Hide-A-Way Foldable Portable Grill

This is a grill that is going to fold completely flat, which will make it easier for you to store the grill when you are going out into the woods. However, you will notice that it may require some assembly to get it set up right, but that is typically just the tightening of a couple of bolts and nuts to make sure it does not fall over or they did not get loose from all the use that you have put it through.

The plating on these are in chrome. This will make it last longer than what you expect and then it will allow you to cook on the surface without having to worry about it getting ruined or exposing the items to the direct heat that is present with some of the other types of portable grills that are on the market.

The large cooking surface, for a portable grill, will allow you to cook several dishes as once as this surface is 11.5″ wide and 17″ long. So that will allow you to use quite a few pots and pans on it to guarantee that it will work for your needs.

Does This Grill Require Propane Or Gas?

This is a great feature because all you need is wood or charcoal for this grill. I would recommend the charcoal more than anything because it allows for a more even fire, but the nice thing is you do not have to go out and buy the little propane canisters that you would have to buy with so many of the other items that we have mentioned with regards to camp cooking.

Can This Be Used For Hiking? 

The grill does collapse down quite a bit, but it is going to be 14 inches long and when it is collapsed down it will be only an inch wide. So while this may seem like it is small you need to realize it can take up quite a bit of space so you may need to keep on using the regular method that you were using for cooking while you were hiking.

Who Would Love This Grill

This is grill that people are going to love because it does not require the gas canisters that so many of the other grills that we have reviewed require. So this will make it easier for you to get the grill and know that it is going to be working for what we need to have. The  downside is you will find it takes time to heat up and get the food done and prepared.

Who Would Not Like This Grill?

The people that would not like this grill would be those who want to get the instant results. While this is going to provide you with the results you need for getting the food cooked, it will take time because it is not going to use gas that will provide you a hot flame right away. So if you want to get the food cooked quickly, then you may have an issue in getting the food done quickly and easily.

Our Final Thoughts

This is a must have if you want to go camping and cook on a grill without having to use the campgrounds or rely on your campfire. We have to say we love the fact this will fold down and it is easy to use. However, we also love the fact this is going to make it easier for you to get the grilling done without having to rely on the gas tanks. Overall, we have to say this is a good option if you want to have a grill that is going to make your food easier to prepare and still give you the space you need for cooking and storage of camping gear.

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